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Thread: Vostok classification database draft

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    Re: Vostok classification database draft

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    Re: Vostok classification database draft

    Good thread but can you par direct me where i can get done info about my watch
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    Re: Vostok classification database draft

    Hu Moody try this link should help.


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    Re: Vostok classification database draft

    Hi guys... Unfortunately after going through a few pages here, I cannot find any info about my Vostok piece... Anyone able to shed some light?

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    Re: Vostok classification database draft

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    Vostok Europe Automatic GMT

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    Re: Vostok classification database draft

    Whats the model in the middle of the pic in Amils post from feb 2012. Sorry but my ipad wont let me quote and reply properly.
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    Re: Vostok classification database draft

    Dear Comrades,
    I received this among some other cases this week.
    I find very odd these circular lines on the Tonneau case.
    The caseback is engraved in cyrilic, very faint, and can't read. The biggest mark is "55 Лети" which means 55 years. Due to the cuality and craftmanship I doubt it is a knock off or an individually commisisioned watch. Would bet it could belong to a small batch.
    There are no pics of the back as the engravings were so faint that nothing can be seen in the pic
    Here it goes.

    Can anybody shine some light on it?
    Best regards

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    Re: Vostok classification database draft

    Seeing many still use this as a reference point I'll add this;

    The Amphibia Type 470 (brushed case) is a separate model from the polished case. Сергей Антонов's scans of catalogs, the Восток 90-ые specifically, shows the polished case listed as a Type 320.

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    Re: Vostok classification database draft

    Hi! This is my first post in this forum and I am glad to join among fellow watch collectors. I am a novice watch collector and I want to extend my collection with a Vostok Amphibia. I have found some interesting vintage ones in internet. But I don't know if the one that I found is original or not. I don't know if this thread is right place to ask this question and I am sorry for this mistake if it is not. I will be glad if you help me identify this watch. The watch I am talking about has these spesifics:

    There is ''Wostok'' ''18 jewels'' and ''Made in USSR'' markings on the dial (Most probably and export). The dial is green sunburst (which is a very different dial design apart from the other amphibias that I found in internet). There are some cyrillic script on the caseback with the numbers ''217492'' (This one bothers me. Because casebacks of english dial export amphibias have english written on them as I know. But this one has english dial with russian caseback. Is this normal?) The seller says that the movement is a 2209 but there is no picture of the movement itself. Also the case is highly polishd instead of matt finish. I have great concerns about this watch's authenticity but I liked the green sunburst dial. It gives a different look to this classic so called ''vintage'' watch. If you confirm the authenticity I will try to buy it.

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    Re: Vostok classification database draft

    I think it is a new one and not really vintage. I have the same with english dial and english case back. My has paddle hands and not the usual arrows. The lume seems also new

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