Vostoks in the wild
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Thread: Vostoks in the wild

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    Vostoks in the wild

    Just wondering, I have been wearing one off and on for a couple of years, and I typically check out people's watches - I have never seen anyone else wearing one. I have been collecting for decades, so I think I would notice one in the wild, if only for identification purposes. No one who has commented on mine has ever heard of Vostok. A gutsy challenge thread - "Vostoks in the wild". With pics of watches on strangers of course.

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    Re: Vostoks in the wild

    I've never seen any on a wrist either though I did stumble across a local second hand watch shop selling mostly tatty used junky quartz watches..about to move on, I spotted a Slava in the window and went inside. Had a LONG chat with the guy and he was really into watches, and sounded like he knew his way around the inside of a mechanical too - just goes to show you should never judge a watch seller by the outside of the shop! He was a really nice guy and I found it quite liberating to actually talk to someone face to face about watches.. Last week I went by again and noticed a brand new Komandirsrkie in the window! Amazing really as where I live, it's a pretty small town which only sells the usual fashion watches on the highstreet..

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    Re: Vostoks in the wild

    I’m in a line of work that requires me to carry out inspections on seagoing vessels. Because a relatively large portion of ships’ manning nowadays is made up of Russians and Ukranians, I tend to run into them on a daily basis.

    So far, I’ve seen these in the wild:

    - Vostok Komandirksie (worn by a bosun)
    - ‘80s Poljot Sturmanskie chronograph 3133 (captain)
    - Sturmanskie open space 24h (company superintendent)
    - Vostok Amphiabian 119 case (chief engineer)
    - Vostok Komandirskie (chief engineer)

    I have a wristshot of that last one, together with my own Albatros:

    Name:  IMG_20151108_150417687_HDR.jpg
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    It’s nice to meet Russians in real life who are still appreciating their horological heritage, since nowadays often Swiss or Japanese brands (or smartwatches or no watches at all...) are preferred over their own. Of all the watches I wear the late ‘80s/early '90s Komandirskies and Amphibians get the most recognition on board and sometimes crewmembers tell me stories about how they recognize the watch from their youth or how their father used to have that exact same one.

    One simple but meaningful anecdote that stuck in my mind is when some crewmembers were preparing to carry out a test with the rescue boat. I spotted a mid-90’s Komandirskie on the bosun’s wrist, so I pointed at it and asked him: “Komandirskie?”. “Da”… I showed him my CCCP era 960 case scuba dude and got a big grin, a thumbs up and a comment: “much better”.

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    Re: Vostoks in the wild

    That's funny, because you and I live in the same city and I very often wear Vostok watches. It's only been a year and a half though, but still. I guess we'll recognise eachother by our Vostoks!
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