Whats up with this Sturmanskie case?

Thread: Whats up with this Sturmanskie case?

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    Whats up with this Sturmanskie case?

    Hi all,

    I saw this Sturmanskie online. Looks to be in great condition but what sort of case is this without a bezel? Is it original Soviet, franken or just some post soviet Russian put together of leftover parts? It does have a Sturmanskie case back.

    Hope you can help!
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    Post Soviet. This is no longer a ‘for military’ issued but a civil model. See catalog page. Not sure if the case and the inside of the watch match because I never looked at these civil models.
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    Often referred to as the "Classic" case.
    Post soviet but only just. The first examples had the ex-military 31659 hacking movement, later ones used the 3133.


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