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102. This poll is closed
  • Vostok Poljot "Dolphin" Amphibian

    52 50.98%
  • Vostok Neptune Amphibian

    34 33.33%
  • Luch GAZ-13 "Chaika"

    41 40.20%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: WUS Project Interest Poll

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    Re: WUS Project Interest Poll

    Unfortunately the forum polling engine is somewhat limited when it comes to multiple choice polling, so it bears to keep in mind a few points:

    • even though we have the ability to select multiple options, there is no way to indicate which one is our first preference
    • when displaying result there is no way to show how many voters have made more than one selection.

    While there is noting we can do about first point, we can, and should take a deeper dive into the results so we can make an educated and data driven decision:

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    What we have here is: 38 yes + 14 maybe for Poljot and 30 yes + 11 maybe for Luch. So perhaps it's a bit premature for the victory lap: as far as I can tell we have just barrely made it to the 30+ MQO number...
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    Re: WUS Project Interest Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by PanKorop View Post
    Let me try and clarify the picture for you. Now I understand Луч (Luch) means sun-ray, so you did keep your sunglasses

    I’ll repeat Chascomm, by insisting these projects are not mutually exclusive. This means that if the Luch gets constructed, this does not mean the divers are abandoned. We’re not electing the successor of the Sultan. This means you don’t need to kill one to get another, ok?

    Also, as you certainly did follow this thread, you saw the Minsk factory accepts to make series as small as 30 pieces, so it is viable with less people interested. It may start off earlier, is all.

    Now what’s the difference between the Tchaika / Gaz 13 project and “existing watches which is using same concept”? What do you mean by “same concept”? Car tachometer inspired? Small flat dress watch? Hand-winding? In any case, maybe first because it will have some bonuses, like water protection, stainless steel case, domed sapphire glass, see-through case back... and finally a new, original, here “homemade” design by Arizone.
    Beside, one could return you the question, asking what’s the difference between an umpteenth diver Vostok and existing watches using the same concept (200m proof, automatic, plastic glass, revolving bezel...) and the answer would be about the same, I suppose: different design.

    As for the choice between one Luch and two divers, I’ll repeat it’s not between. It can be Luch AND one of the two divers. I’ll remind also there are two Luch parallel projects so far: one-hander and two hands (hour, minute), with different dials. One is inspired by the Gaz-13 tacho, the second by the Tchaika dashboard clock. Both are currently under study at the factory design team.

    Finally, while I try my best to get the dress watch started, this does not mean I would not support a diver — whichever of them gets enough support for manufacturing at a realistic price.
    If project makes alive , Luch factory has to provide much better shipping communication ( providing tracking no. , etc).
    Funny comment about sultan.
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    Re: WUS Project Interest Poll

    In order to prevent further confusion, this thread has been closed.

    Please remember that this thread was created just to gauge interest in a potential forum project. Nobody has lost anything from the poll results because no commitment has been made. Enough interest was indicated for the Luch proposal that the proponent, PanKorop, is willing to pursue it further. Similar story with the Elektronika project for which a proposal will be submitted soon.

    Another point to bear in mind is that Watchuseek does not run projects. The forum owners agree to host projects that are run by the membership. However, that agreement will only be granted if the forum administrator is convinced that it is worth doing. In the last couple of years two projects have been cancelled (one on this forum and another on the Chinese forum) due to a lack of commitment from the membership, fortunately without any cost being incurred by either the members or the supplier. Just because you really like something doesn't mean that it will happen.

    Anybody with a strong interest in either of the two Vostok-based concepts polled here is encouraged to take charge and put together a proposal for the Watchuseek administrator to consider. If you're not confident that you can gather the numbers on this forum then consider taking it elsewhere, as some members have done successfully with private projects in recent years.
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