Please help to identify this movement

Thread: Please help to identify this movement

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    Please help to identify this movement

    Dear experts of the Chinese Watches,

    Would you please help me to identify this movement?
    If it is a clone - what would be the original?
    BTW: It sits in a Ceramic bezel GMT style 40mm watch.
    The 24h hand can be adjusted by turning the crown counter-clockwise,
    while date is being set clockwise.
    As the watch runs slow by ~ 30 secs minute per day...
    Can this be adjusted by pushing the lever marked with the red X
    in the direction of the re arrow?
    How much would you push it relative to the lever witdth?

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Please help to identify this movement

    it is DG2813 , but i dont know how to adjust it . maybe u can find a watchmaker to adjust it .

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