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Thread: Omega Repair Center New Jersey

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    Omega Repair Center New Jersey

    I bet most clicking on this thread expect a complaint or horror story.

    But, it's actually quite the contrary. My experience was excellent. I sent in my Omega PO to have a new crystal installed and also asked for the spa treatment to remove dings and scratches. After a week, I was sent an email with the repair estimate, which also included a partial service. Total charge was $567. I called them and authorized the work. Omega provided me a user ID nad password to monitor the status of the watch online (repair in progress, qaulity control, etc...), which was nice.

    The slight downside was the wait: took about 6 weeks, but it was worth it. The watch looks brand new. They inlcude the results of pressure tests and that is gaining about 2.2 seconds a day, etc, and of course a lovely little Omega case.

    I wanted to post my experience because I didn't think to look on this forum for experiences with Omega repair until after I sent it to them. The posts were all at least a couple of years old and alot them were more anecdotal than first-hand experiences.

    My experience could not have been better, with the exception of the wait, which to me is somewhat understandable.

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    Re: Omega Repair Center New Jersey

    I had the same exact experience with my Tissot Bridgeport. It was a very easy and pleasant experience and the communication was great IMO. My service was a bit less ($196), but thats to be expected. WHen I received my watch it looked better than brand new - they really did a great job. I also really like the little travel case that they send the watch back in.

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    Re: Omega Repair Center New Jersey

    This is great to hear! I'm about to send one of my Speedmasters in for a service, this makes me feel less stressed about it.

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