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    Re: Omega Speedmaster 3523.80.00 - Day-Date Review

    Regarding setting the month, I have been turning the date full circle, I am unaware of an easier way.

    A question I have is why it keeps losing power on my winder, I don't know if something is wrong, or the one way winding isn't getting enough action on my winder.

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    Re: Omega Speedmaster 3523.80.00 - Day-Date Review

    Quote Originally Posted by MTS View Post
    Omega Speedmaster 3523.80.00 - Day-Date Review

    I recently picked up an Omega Speedmaster Day-Date. Ever since I was younger, I have loved the Speedmaster. It has always been in the back of my mind to pick one up, but as you know, other watches happen. While I loved the iconic moon watch, I did find that a few of the features were not suited to my particular needs, such as the Plexiglas crystal and lack of a date complication. But after searching, I came across this model and was amazed at all of the extra complications it offered! Well more about that later, I came across this watch at one of those “once in a lifetime” prices and picked it up.

    The Case

    At 39mm this case size is smaller than I would normally pick up for myself, but I just had to have a Speedmaster. With that being said, the 39mm size is not particularly noticeable, I do not look down at my wrist and think “why am I wearing a children’s watch”? I think the 14.2mm Case thinkness also helps to add some heft to the over all feeling on the wrist. The finish on this case is exceptional, as with all of the Omega’s I have owned, it has a great combination of brushed and mirror polished surfaces in Stainless Steel. The beveled edges from the case top down to the case bottom are sharp lines and a well defined flow of the entire case. There are so many little details in this case design that you will never tire of admiring it, like when you are stuck in those long meetings, or stuck in traffic, looking at your watch design to help keep yourself sane. Again, it is all the details of the case design, dial, and complications that make this watch really come together. It has the standard Chronograph pusher set up, with the Chronograph start button being at the 2 o’clock position, and the reset button being at the 4 o’clock position. On the left side of the case is what looks like an automatic HE valve, but is actually a button to advance the Day of The Week Wheel. The crown is not a screw in crown, and is easy to operate and is signed with the Omega logo. With out the screw down crown, this watch is rated with a Water Resistance of 50 meters or 167 feet. The case back is signed with the Omega hippocampus logo and serial number. The case back is also doomed, and this helps to lift the watch away from the wrist when wearing it and adds to the comfort. This watch has a very elegant wrist presence, and very good over all weight.

    The Bezel:

    I especially like this model specifically for the polished Tachymeter Bezel. While I am a huge fan of the Moon Watch, I have always missed the very functional date complication and have never been sold on the black Tachymeter Bezel insert. But on this model, you get the polished Tachymeter Bezel with black painted numerals. Another feature that I really enjoy, and possibly a reason this watch wears perfectly on the wrist, is how the Bezel comes up, away, and over the case. So if you are viewing the watch from the side profile you can see how Bezel really rides on top of the watch case body.

    The Dial and Hands:

    The dial on this watch is amazing in person, arctic blue, very sophisticated and the deep blue reminds me of ice cold water for some reason. It has all of the Speedmaster markings, with the applied polished Omega logo, but what you immediately notice is all of the complications! There are eight hands on this watch, and two date wheels! First you have the Hour and Minute hands, then the subsidiary second hand at the 9 o’clock position. But with in that you also have a 24 hour arrow hand pointing to the corresponding hour. Next you have the Date hand, the long polished hand with a half crescent red tip cradling the numerical date. 1 through 31 days are listed in the outermost ring of the dial. Next you have the chronograph functions, the center second hand, and two chronograph totalizer dials at the 12 o’clock position and the 6 o’clock position, counting off 30 minutes and twelve hours respectively. Within the 12 o’clock sub dial are the Day of the Week and Month wheels. So if you are looking at the watch on your wrist you can read in order, Day of the week, Month, and Date. Brilliant! The hands are similar to the moon watch, with the exception of being mirror polished versus white. The hour indices are also polished with a tiny dot of green Lum at each tip. Each of the Sub Dials is outlined with a polished silver dial ring to help off set it from the rest of the blue dial. At first glance this dial appears to be very complicated, but is easy to adjust to quickly.

    The Crystal:

    Doomed Sapphire Crystal. Again another feature I prefer over the Moon Watch, simple because accidental brushes up against wood or metal tend to happen from time to time. I understand why Plexiglas was used on the moon watch, but from a purely functional stand point I prefer Sapphire. This doomed Crystal really has a very nice curve to it, one that compliments not only the Bezel, but the overall aesthetic of the watch as a whole. The lip of the Crystal sits just above the Bezel, and due to the slight curve does not distort the dial view from any angle.

    The LUM:

    The Lum on this watch is nothing to write home about, the hands do glow adequately but the indices have only a very fine dot of Lum at each end and really do not glow that much longer after fifteen minutes in the dark after a full charge. No where near the Lum you get with the Planet Ocean or even the Seamaster Chrono, but similar to the Aqua Terra. But I don’t think this watch was meant for low light precise readings.

    The Movement:

    Inside is the Omega Caliber 1151 (Based on the Valjoux 7751) self- winding chronograph movement with rhodium plated finish and a power reserve of 44 hours. The Rhodium Plating is a process that not only gives the metal a richer and deeper finish, and helps to eliminate discoloration and scratches, but also helps with keeping the movement cleaner. As with the many of the Valjoux Chronograph movements, it is very reliable and almost indestructible. You do not get to see this movement used that often any more, and not presented as well as it is here in the Speedmaster Day- Date model.

    The Bracelet:

    This is a very nicely finished and comfortable bracelet, with alternating polished and brushed finishes to compliment the watch case. The clasp is signed again with the Omega symbol and a single button release clasp with extension for ease with putting and taking off the watch. I especially like the symmetry of the polish from the top of the beveled edges of the watch that continues down the lugs to the sides of the links. The polish draws you’re up and down the length of the watch and bracelet when the light catches it.

    The Chronograph Function:

    Personally I like to have an automatic Chronograph in the rotation; I miss it when it is not there. I find this complication to be very useful; once you start timing things you really notice it when it is not available. Do I time trivial things, like how long it takes a colleague to finish his presentation? Of course. But it is also invaluable to time road trips, hikes, and parking meters, so I always look for the twelve hour counter. This Chronograph works very well, but it is the added complications that I really enjoy. The 24 hour indicator and the Day of The Week and Month function. There is no variance in the time of day when the Chronograph function is engaged, which is amazing if you think about the number of complications running off of the spring inside.

    The Box and Packaging:

    The presentation of this watch is adequate, as I have mentioned before, I really don’t wear the box so I give little thought to it. It arrives in the standard Omega white outer box, with the red leatherette box inside. Comes with card wallet and all the cards, as well as the operating instructions, and hang tag.

    Over All Impressions:

    Over all this is a very sophisticated and elegant watch that will fit well under any sleeve or jacket, but has the functionality of a true tool watch. I know many dislike the higher prices of some watches, but where you find the biggest difference is in the details, and the finish of the watch. The brushed and polished surfaces, and especially the dial and hands, you can always see the difference in an Omega watch that retails for 2k versus another brand that retails for 1k and under. And I understand each of those watches has their function and place, my point is that for the extra money here you are getting a spectacular watch, beautiful fit and finish, and brag worthy movement that has been adjusted to well with in the COSC standards.
    That's a great review and I have the same watch in white dial and bought brand new in 2006 - amazing time keeping movement and it never let me down :)

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    Re: Omega Speedmaster 3523.80.00 - Day-Date Review

    Nice review!
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    Re: Omega Speedmaster 3523.80.00 - Day-Date Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Allmand View Post
    Regarding setting the month, I have been turning the date full circle, I am unaware of an easier way.

    A question I have is why it keeps losing power on my winder, I don't know if something is wrong, or the one way winding isn't getting enough action on my winder.
    The movement only winds in one direction, so if your winder is bi-directional, it won't do enough to keep the power reserve up.
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