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Thread: *Low-Tier* Watch No.1 -> Casio G-Shock ' STEALTH ' GD-100-1BER (Review) : Bergkamp10

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    Exclamation *Low-Tier* Watch No.1 -> Casio G-Shock ' STEALTH ' GD-100-1BER (Review) : Bergkamp10

    Watch Specifications

    Brand: Casio G-Shock
    Model No.: GD-100-1BER
    Origin: Japan
    Date of Purchase: November 2010
    Package: Box, Instruction Menu, 1 year warranty
    Movement Type: Quartz
    Display type: Digital
    Water Resistant: 200m
    Diameter: 51.2mm
    Case thickness: 17.4mm
    Strap Width: 29mm

    Pre-Purchase Evaluation

    1. Big & Bold watch that fit into trend
    2. Stealth look that appear manly for a plastic looking watch
    3. G-Shock, a must have in any watch collection
    4. Made by Casio Japan, a reliable & reputable watch-maker
    5. Battery lifespan of 7 years
    6. Blue LEDs used for illumination (instead of electro-luminescence)
    7. A Birthday's gift from beloved girlfriend

    Casio G-Shock GD-100-1BER (Gallery)

    Post-Purchase Evaluation

    G-Shock is well-known as a indestructible-like watch and looking at the aggressive looking 51.2mm watch, it's hard to disagree. It is a bigger sized G-Shock compare to the other model which is very bold and trendy looking. G-Shock cleverly plays with the combination of colors on most of their G-Shock that created a fashion trend on majority younger people.

    If you are looking for a G-Shock that is neither colorful nor young looking, GD100-1BER is the answer. The stealth look is a big plus point for this specific G-Shock. The negative screen on the all black color scheme has given the watch a very manly look. Not forgetting the cool-looking Blue illumination LEDs that is used instead of the ordinary electro-luminescence found on most G-Shock. And, it has a improved battery lifespan of 7 years which does not give the hassle of replacing the battery for every 2-3 years found on most G-Shock.

    G Shock GD100-1BER, a big, bold, high technology equipped and muscular stealth looking watch that will look good on any wrist of any age.

    For more pictures: Review: Casio G-Shock GD-100-1BER | How To Build A Watch Collection


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    Re: *Low-Tier* Watch No.1 -> Casio G-Shock ' STEALTH ' GD-100-1BER (Review) : Bergkamp10

    I like this watch but it looks gigantic on you. Is there a guideline on how big your wrist has to be to wear various sizes of G-shocks somewhere?

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