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    5600 models compared:DW5600-G5600-GW5600-GW-M5600

    Hi guys,

    Well, since some of you have suggested (and pursuaded me) to buy a 5600 model, I've been trying to figure out what the differences are between the DW-5600, G-5600 and GW-5600.
    There is plenty of information on these in loads of different posts, but since I'm new to g-shocks I thought it might be handy to summarize a few things.

    Please correct me if you think that the information is not right, or if I've missed some important feature's!

    According to information I found in several posts, these are some of the differences that are mentioned most often:

    DW-5600: (module 1545 )
    PRO's: Low cost. Displays both day and date at the same time. El lighting (DW-5600E only). Dual time ( vintage DW-5600C only).
    CON's: Does not have Tough Solar technology. Does not have waveceptor technology. The countdown timer can be set only in one direction: up +. Does not have world time. Has smaller digits than the G-5600 and GW-5600.

    G-5600:(module 2597)
    PRO's: Has Tough Solar technology. Accepts strap adaptors. Has a large countdown timer and stopwatch ( both 100 Hrs). Displays both day and date at the same time. The countdown timer can be set by scrolling up + or down -. Current time remains visible in all modes except stopwatch. Dual time. Auto EL. Has large digits.
    CON's: Does not have waveceptor technology. Is slightly smaller, thinner and lighter than the GW or DW.

    GW-5600: (module 2924)
    PRO's: Has Tough Solar technology. Has waveceptor technology (Us and Japan only). Shows world time in 30 cities. Auto EL. Full auto calender. Large digits.
    CON's: Has a short countdown timer (60 minutes) and stopwatch (24 Hrs). Does not show day and date at the same time. Current time is not visible in other modes.

    UPDATE: GW-M5600 (module 3063)
    PRO's: Has Tough Solar technology. Has 5 band waveceptor technology ((US, Japan, Europe). Large digits, Day and date both displayed, Stopwatch 1000 Hours. Current time displayed in countdown mode. Tone can be muted, 5 alarms.
    CON's: Has (still) a short countdown timer of 60 minutes. Current time is not visible in stopwatch mode.

    The case size of the new GW-M5600 : 46.7x43.2x12.7mm /51.7

    The case of the G-5600 is at 12,1mm and 52 grams slightly less chunky than the GW-5600 and DW-5600 which are 13,4mm thick and weigh 54 grams. Seeing the watches side by side it becomes obvious that the G-5600 has a slightly smaller bezel than the GW-5600. The bezel of the GW-5600 is thicker, wider and taller and has more of a square appearance while the G-5600 is more rectangular.

    Some of you mention also that the GW-5600 looks better than the other models. There are also differencens in opinion about the band being more comfortable on one model or the other. The GW-5600BCJ (and now also a version of the GW-M5600) offer a composite bracelet.



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    Re: 5600 models compared

    Anyone seen the bottom middle DW-5600 up for sale anywhere? Cant find any on ebay.

    (Great thread btw)

    Watches are frickin evil!

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    Re: 5600 models compared

    sometimes on ebay you have to write DW5600 (all affixed!)

    Does anybody knows the entire name of the G-5600 with the neg display?

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    Unhappy Re: 5600 models compared

    Quote Originally Posted by hoochy View Post
    Anyone seen the bottom middle DW-5600 up for sale anywhere? Cant find any on ebay.

    (Great thread btw)

    There was a similar one on sale corner but it is already sold.


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    Re: 5600 models compared

    reviving an old thread, this is the best 5600 series comparison ive ever seen.
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    Re: 5600 models compared

    Thank you for this. Invaluable comparison! Going through the same purchasing dilema myself. It's good to have this sort of thing as a sticky.

    I know this is just me but it seems the more choice we have, the easier it is to be unsatisfied with the options.
    - The gorgeous looking GW5600 (+ve) but with a day display.
    - The GW-M5600-1JF but with the BC-1JF's bracelet.
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    Re: 5600 models compared

    In all fairness you forgot to mention that the 5600C is the solid steel "hocky puck" body. The rest are the composite resin bodies.

    I collect screwback Gs as a survival mechanism
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    Re: 5600 models compared

    thanks for the comparison. since i'm new to casio g-shock, this has been a great help since i didn't know the difference between model numbers.

    somehow, i still like the DW5600 the most.

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    Re: 5600 models compared

    Which has bigger digits, the G-5600 or the GW-M5600?


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    Re: 5600 models compared

    Thank you, Andy - I'm almost crying with relief!

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