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    Another G-7900-3dr Review

    My love story with G-Shock started in 2011, i was attracted by the idea that a mad scientist -Kikuo Ibe- gave life to a monster-watch and not the "fashionable side" that characterizes the G's nowadays.To me the G's are like JDM cars ; the DW-5600 could be a Civic, the Frogman could be a Skyline...etc.In the begining i was attracted by "squares" so i got the DW-5600E, then the DW-5600-BB, after that it was high time for me to try something diffrent, so i bought a DW-6900-MS and since 6 days i'm the happy owner of a G-7900-3dr.I got it for 56 euros from ebay, as i live in Algeria, it's hard for me to pick up G's from internet, because of the delivery service, so i order my watches and i have to wait that a friend goes to France and receives them (sorry for my poor english).

    My first impression when i opened the box (my first cardboard box) was : "hell what did i ordered ! it's a TOY !" even if i saw many pictures, reviews and videos before i order it, it was like a toy in my eyes.After about one hour i got used to it and i started to enjoy it.First of all i really love the green color it really changes me from the black ones that i have (i think in french and i write in english ) the second thing is : the watch is not that bulky that some people say, if i can wear a watch comfortably, the size doesn't matter and this watch is not large at all, plus it has the "little wings" that decrease the void between the strap and your wrist and hold it well.This watch got : world time, auto EL, 2 stopwatch, timer, mute function, low temp resistant -20° and moon data and tide graph, that are more gadgets in my opinion and the manual warns you that it doesnt have professional or industrial precision, the manual also warns you that this watch makes some noise when you use the "EL" and the "adjust button" creaks too.

    At the moment the G-7900-3dr is my favourite G, nice looking, nice color, comfortable wear.It would be perfect if it had a 7 years battery or at least a 5 years one, and sometimes when you are in one of these boring situations when you dont want to see time, you turn it in a mode when you cant see time, this watch doesnt allow you this, cause if you leave it in the moon, tide or alarm mode for 2 or 3 minutes it will automatically backs to timekeeping mode.

    I hope that this review will help you a little to make your choice and here comes the shots !

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