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    AWG100-1A Review

    I thought I would write up a quick review of my new AWG100. I'm sure most of my observations aren't unique, but I figured why not?

    First off, I've been wearing a GW500A for several years now, so most of my perspective is going to come from being used to an all digital timepiece.

    Just to cover the technical aspects of the watch, some of the important features are:

    • Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping
    • Solar Powered
    • Hourly Time Signal
    • Auto-Calendar Pre-programmed until the Year 2099
    • Daily Alarm
    • LED Light with Afterglow
    • Power Saving Function
    • Water Resistant up to 200 meter
    • 12/24-Hour Formats
    • World Time 29 Time Zones, 48 Cities
    • 60 Minute Count Down Timer
    • Stopwatch 1/100 Second

    Now for some opinions/observations about my AWG100:


    • Lots of watch for the money
    • Solar/Atomic combo makes for zero maintenance
    • Classic look of an analog watch with bonus digital functionality
    • Feels very lightweight
    • Not overly large*


    • LED Light not Auto, you have to push a button (Solar power means I should be able to use my light with reckless abandon!)
    • Digital features useless without sufficient ambient light (the LED does not illuminate the digital windows)
    • Band feels somewhat cheap/thin
    • Just one daily alarm
    • Digital window for date isn't easy to read at a glance
    • Not overly large*

    Most of my criticisms are fairly insignificant and I was aware of most of them before I purchased the watch. The only thing that I wasn't aware of was the lack of digital illumination at night and that was something that never occurred to me to think about. The LED lights up the surface of the face from the bottom and it's easy to tell the time, but there is no backlight for the digital screens, so you basically can't see them at all in the dark. The AWG100 does feel somewhat small, which I think is both good and bad (hence my *). I usually don't take my watch off for anything, so having a watch that isn't all that bulky on my wrist means that I don't have it getting hung up on stuff or otherwise getting in the way. The downside of that is it does look like it should be a little larger to me; not much, but I think it would look better if it were larger. My wrist is just under 7.5" so I don't really consider my wrist overly large or small.

    Overall I think that the AWG100 is a really nice watch, especially considering the very affordable cost of ownership. There are other Ana/Dig watches that address some, or maybe all, of my nitpicks but you don't really see them in the price range that you can typically find the AWG100 in. If it holds up to daily use as well as my older G-Shock has, and I see no reason why it won't, I will consider it well worth the money spent.

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    Re: AWG100-1A Review

    Nice review, thanks for sharing

    A few comments, probably more personal preferences, than objective, though:


    Current time is shown in all modes.
    Light weight.
    Despite being a hybrid, it got a reasonably clean look.
    Analog hands are tied to the digital; For instance, if DST is swapped, the hands follow automatically.

    STW + CDT is limited to one hour.
    No snooze.
    Digital windows are a bit too small for my aging eyes.

    About the cons: One knows before buying

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    Re: AWG100-1A Review

    Very good review!

    One of the nits you found, the strap, is also available as bracelett in the -BR versions!

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    Re: AWG100-1A Review

    Nice review there.

    The watch looks nice too + has decent set of features by the sounds of it.

    I like the size tbh - way too many watches looking too big these days!
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    Re: AWG100-1A Review

    I bought one also..wore it maybe 5 times and traded it for a MTG910D

    The con's for me were:
    No Auto-EL
    Even the light was anemic

    The hands were very reflective in anything but total darkness which was nice
    It was a nice watch
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    Re: AWG100-1A Review

    Copied to 'Reviews' sub-forum.
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    Re: AWG100-1A Review

    I just replaced the strap on mine with the bracelet. See this thread.
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