I bought this watch as a gift for my girlfriend. I bought it mainly for looks, the brand recognition generated by Keisha, and because it matched her Blackberry phone.

It comes presented in a nice gift box, is constructed from stainless steel and white resin with cute, pink markings on the face.
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As far as features go, it does everything you would expect from a G-Shock. I doubt my girlfriend has been interested to discover even half its features. The digital and analogue time are set separately. Battery life and accuracy are not rated amazingly well, at +-30 seconds per month and two years power. It does have perpetual calendar to 2099, which is pretty cool.

Here is a face shot:
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As you can see, the digital displays are a pretty silver colour. They are very attractive, though difficult to read at even a small angle. Certainly more for appearance than practicality.

The light is good and bright, and does the job. Though, I would have preferred the blacklight that comes with the BGA-130 series.
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All in all, a good gift for a fashionable young lady who isn't really all that interested in functionality. Wrist shots follow:
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