Casio dw6900 1v review
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Thread: Casio dw6900 1v review

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    Casio dw6900 1v review

    Hi everyone this is my first review on WUS. I am going to review the casio g shock dw6900 1v i just got it yesterday and i have to say it is awesome. First the look it looks really cool with the three eyes and all. Second the time keeping well i have only had it for two days now so i cant really say anything about it. Next the electro luminescence it is really bright as you can see. Next is the band it is pretty good quality. There also is an alarm feature, a countdown timer, and a stopwatch. Overall i have to say this watch is really great and has great features. Hope this can help you.
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    Re: Casio dw6900 1v review

    This watch is the most comfortable watch I've worn. Mine is the green EL though. Prefer the look of the wider band but the comfort on this is just amazing. I also freaking love the display, it looks like I'm reading of a kindle. Used it mostly for work in the weekends as I'm still a student. Truly awesome beater.

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