Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG1000
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    Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG1000

    History of G-Shock
    Casio released their flagship line G-Shock 1983, a line of watches developed to be the world’s toughest. The watches were developed from the concept "Triple 10" meaning they should be able to withstand a free fall from 10 meters, have a battery life of at least 10 years and have at least 10Bar WR. The G-Shocks models quickly became popular and I always say that you can't be a WIS without owning at least one G-Shock. During my teens I had a Casio Forrester which I frequently threw at the wall to show my buddies at school how tough it was. I have also owned several G-Shock models with fun functions as for example vibration alarm. This for me is what G-Shock stands for, toughness and innovative features. Some of the latest models feature GPS + Bluetooth synchronized timekeeping and music control.

    History of the "Mudman"

    Picture of G9000

    The first version of Mudman DW-8400 was released 1995. The Mudman with most in common with the Mudmaster is the Mudman G9000 but to be honest the G-Shock Rangeman (released 2013) has even more in common with the Mudmaster when it comes to looks. For "model-DNA" and heritage however, Mudman G9000 is the predecessor.

    G9000 is smaller than the Mudmaster and of course has a digital display. The watch has round mud proof pushers on the right side which changed appearance after this model.

    The pusher's outer part is soft and the functional part is smaller which makes it a little hard to use the pushers.

    The caseback has a funny looking mascot which shows that the model is appropriate to use during rally sports.

    Now that we have covered the basics, it's time to take a closer look at the Mudmaster.

    Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000 (Color code: -1A3ER)

    Casio has released a lot of new models 2015 and the models that have gotten most attention are the premuim models Mudmaster, Gulfmaster and Gravitymaster.
    The industry and fans have especially taken liking to the Mudmaster.

    The development of the Mudmaster is said to have its origin with a letter sent from a rescue worker and G-Shock fan which thought it was hard to operate the pushers of his G-Shock with gloves on (who can argue with that story?).

    The classic model Mudman was developed specifically to stop the intrusion of mud, sand and dust. Mudmaster has taken this concept to another level and also added the triple sensor (version 3) which was introduced with the Rangemaster.
    The sensor enables measurements of temperatur, altitude, barometric pressure and also incorporates a digital compass.

    Mud is actually the only thing that has destroyed a G-Shock for me, "Sand, it gets into everything". An even better mud proof G-Shock is therefore a welcome addition to the lineup.

    Module: 5463
    Measurements: 56mm x 18mm
    Glass: Sapphire glass
    WR: 200m
    Weight: 119g
    Release date: September 2015

    Time adjustment by radio signal
    Shock proof
    Vibration resistant
    Mud resistant
    Triple sensor (version 3): Compass, barometer, thermometer
    Solar charged battery
    Luminous indexes and hands
    World time
    5 daily alarms
    Automatic "hands away"
    Perpetual calendar
    End of life battery indication


    The watch does not have a classic solid case, but a two layered structure - an inner case and an outer protective shield. This is a smart way to enhance the shock resistance and also enables easy replacement of worn parts. The "system" also enables coloring of individual parts.

    The sharp block like sections seem to be designed with protection of the vulnerable parts in mind, such as crown, pushers, glass and screws. There are visibly no forms added just to make a good looking watch but the result is still a great and brutal looking watch case. The sharp edges create a great contrast to the large round pushers which can be seen from all angles. The design reads futuristic, transformers and 80s at the same time, well done!

    All screws on the watch are hex screws which look well thought and give a nice complete look. The resin band is attached by hex screws with washers (can not be seen) to prevent them from unscrewing due to vibration. The lugs have integrated shoulders which lay closest to the wrist when the watch is worn.


    The push buttons deserve their own headline since they are a main feature with an innovative construction. They are as stated previously developed to function in the harshest of conditions, even with gloves on. The pushers are the main reason for the big size of the watch.
    The pushers have an advanced solution to make them mud proof. Each pusher has 4 gaskets to make it mud proof and additional gaskets to secure the pusher in the inner case. Each pusher is also ventilated to make sure it is functional regardless of air pressure.

    All the current color choices feature contrast colored pushbuttons at 2, 4, 8 and 10 while the color of the pusher at 6 varies depending on model. Personally I prefer when all buttons are steel colored.
    The buttons are easy to operate even with gloves on due to their large size and the feel when pushing is great, neither spongy nor stiff. This is a big difference to previous Mudman models.


    The crown is screw down and ha additional gaskets to make it mud proof. It has a red safety ring which can be seen if the crown isn't screwed in all the way. The crown is used to change the watch main settings as for example home city, alarm times, LED duration and sensor display units.


    The caseback is good looking but boring. The "mascot" is replaced by the classic G-Shock logo. Each pusher function is printed on the back which is a smart way to use the space of the caseback.

    Strap and buckle

    The strap has a structure made to look like a canvas which looks nice. The buckle and the keeper feel good and the finish is nice. A smart detail is that the strap has a thick part at the end to prevent the keeper from falling of the strap. The strap conforms nicely to the wrist. The integrated fitment makes it impossible to switch to a non original strap.

    A closer look

    The seconds hand is made out of carbon and has a black tail. The minute and -hour hands also have black sections which are not immediately noticed. The hands display the time in a clear manner and the "function hand" makes it easy to read which function is active.
    The hands move fast and independent of each other. The watch has a ”hands move” function which moves the hands away from the digital display by pushing two specific buttons simultaneously.
    The sapphire glass is flat and has few reflections. I would have thought it to be a mineral crystal if I didn't already know it was a sapphire crystal.
    The digital display is easy to read even if it's a negative display (light text on black background).

    The luminous parts of the hands and dial light up nicely and are surprisingly good. The double LED works well to light up both the digital display and the rest of the dial. The LED can be set to turn on automatically when the wrist is turned towards you, or can be activated for 1.5 or 3 seconds by a press of the 6 o clock button.


    Mudmaster has the usual functions we are used to when it comes to G-Shocks: Digital time display (time, weekday, and date), countdown timer, alarm (5 + hourly) and world time.

    Triple sensor
    The sensor measures air pressure (altitude and barometer), temperature and magnetic north (digital compass). The sensor can in addition to displaying the actual time store historic data to display max, min and a historic graph. These are all bragging functions which I'll probably never use but I'm sure they are smart functions to have if you are climbing a mountain or on a hike.

    Solar charged battery
    This is a very smart function that we now take for granted. The watch goes in to power saving mode after an hour if the watch isn't being used between 22-06 according to the currently set time. During the power save, the display goes black and the seconds hand stops at 12 o clock. After 6-7 days of inactivity and total darkness, the watch goes into a deep sleep mode (all hands stop 12 o clock) which enables the battery to keep the charge for 25 months. The watch still keeps quartz time and when you pick up the watch and exposes it to light, it activates again.

    Time adjustment by radio signal
    The watch synchronizes during the night; it searches for up to 6 times each night until it obtains a signal. The synchronization can also be made manually which takes a few minutes. My watch has synchronized every night


    The movement or module as Casio calls it is protected by alpha gel, a shock absorbing gel mostly made by silicone.

    On the wrist

    The fact is, the watch sits very comfortably on my 18.5cm wrist even if it's a big watch. The curved strap fitting construction makes the watch hug my wrist very closely and eliminates the wobbly feel which is usual then it comes to large watches. This is a very surprising experience and I wasn't at all ready for it to be so comfortable.

    The crown side and the side with the sensor are both chamfered on the underside which enables the wrist to move freely without being hindered by the watch.

    The weight, 119g is of course no negative when it comes to wearing. The watch is light enough for you to forget you are wearing it. The only downside when it comes to wearing is the thickness (18mm). The thickness makes it bulky when wearing a thick jacket. Best is of course to pull up the jacket a bit, but that isn't something you are likely to want if it's cold outside. The strap length is just enough to enable the watch being worn outside of a glove; I would have preferred it to be a little longer.
    I can't say it wears small, but I can assure you it wears comfortably on my wrist. :)


    This watch I like, I like it a lot! The Mudmaster feels completely uncompromised and you quickly notice that it's a premium G-Shock and not a regular model. It sits securely and comfortably on the wrist and everything about the watch seems well thought both regarding design, construction and features. The feeling in the button operation is something completely different than that of a regular G.

    The Mudmaster is everything we like with classic G-Shocks: It's rugged, tough, plastic, light in weight and packed with cool features most of us won’t need. Add the innovative case and pushers solutions and you have the reason to specifically buy a Mudmaster. All that is missing from the premium experience is a cool box, like a small Pelicase and a nice looking manual, things you are likely to put in the wardrobe anyway.

    More info:
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    Re: Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG1000

    Nice info.

    All all you need in life is a ford and a Casio.
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    Amazing review!

    Which G-Shock watch did you have that was destroyed by mud?

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    Re: Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG1000

    Quote Originally Posted by t minus View Post
    Amazing review!

    Which G-Shock watch did you have that was destroyed by mud?

    It was an old standard G-Shock model. This was about 15 years ago so I don't remember the exact model. The buttons gave up on me.

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    Re: Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG1000

    Great review, really covers nearly everything. Maybe adding or stating some limits on things would be informative, such as timer and stopwatch max times? Also, something that I was unclear about, as the Rangeman seems to have the same button design as the Mudmaster, and both are certified "mud proof/resistant", do they use the same seal technique? The Mudman I know just uses an extra cover on top of the buttons, but what about the Rangeman?

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    Re: Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG1000

    Sounds like a commercial, do you work for Casio? Just joking.

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    Re: Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG1000

    Excellent Review........Thanks!

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    Re: Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG1000

    Great review, thanks!

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    Re: Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG1000

    I have a question for the watch experts out there. I have this watch and I let it in the sun in my car the other day because it was reporting a medium charge. When I looked at it that afternoon I noticed the LCD screen was blank, but it returned to normal after a little while. The thermometer was reporting 100-something deg F. It appears to be functioning normally. Could I have damaged it? What are its tolerances? Thank you.

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    Re: Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG1000

    Thanks for this good thread as well. I am considering this watch. Now I have some swiss self winding watch. But it needs maintenance which I didn't expect. Any idea how long this watch would last? As it is solar powered, does that mean it doesn't need to change batteries? or if it needs changing what is the expected lifetime? Does it need any other maintenance?



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