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We have prepared an overview of a new model and it is the Casio Protrek PRW-7000-1AJF
The watch was introduced for sale Jule 8, 2016 in three new models:
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The new high-end analog-digital model is a Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6 watch equipped with the Triple Sensor Version 3. While the PRX-8000 is the top of the line model for climbing, the PRW-7000 is positioned as the top of line Pro Trek for water activities and will be part of the Multi Field Line.
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Individual models include the PRW-7000-1AJF with reverse LCD display, PRW-7000-1BJF with standard LCD display, and the PRW-7000FC-1JF with composite resin/metal band.

Casio Pro Trek PRW-7000 subdial
The PRW-7000 measures altitude, atmospheric pressure, compass bearing (auto horizontal compensation), and temperature. It uses a digital LCD and analog subdial to display sensor readings. The subdial also has a tide indicator and the watch also displays moon age data. With water resistance to 200 meters, the PRW-7000 is intended for water use and has a “fishing time function” that displays the best times for fishing. Another useful outdoor feature is the sunrise and sunset time display.
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Other features include low temperature operation (-10 ℃), 1/100 second stopwatch (24 hours), countdown timer (60 minutes), 48 city world time (31 time zones + UTC), 5 alarms, and full auto dual LED light.

The PRW-7000 measures 58.7 × 52.3 × 14.5 mm and weighs about 95 grams. Retai list price is ¥82,000 JPY (~$721 USD) for the PRW-7000-1AJF and PRW-7000-1BJF, and ¥82,000 JPY (~$791 USD) for the PRW-7000FC-1JF.

I hope you enjoyed the new models presented by Casio.

We are thankful to the Casio management for providing the watch for our overview.

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