G7900 wear and tear
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Thread: G7900 wear and tear

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    G7900 wear and tear

    Hi guys this is my first post on the forum. I plan on purchasing G7900 but am undecided between the Black (G7900-1ER) and Red (G7900A-4ER).

    Does anyone have any experience with which resin ages/wears better?... i dont intend on putting the watch through a grinder or anything but I will be using it everyday and where I live its pretty humid (not sure if that matters) and over time I wanted to know whether usage/scratches etc are noticed more on Red or Black?

    Thanks for help!

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    Re: G7900 wear and tear

    Well I have the black g7900 with red accents .I haven't had it long but I also love in high humidity and so far it's going well.
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    Re: G7900 wear and tear

    Black will wear better in day-to-day use.
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