GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it
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Thread: GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it

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    GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it

    First, so you'll know whereof I speak, a little about me.

    I'm 54, male, a professional pilot, flight test background, physically active, bought my first Casio in 1996ish, a DW-6630B-9 yellow G-Shock. I loved it so much I sold my GMT Rolex which was a [expletive deleted by moderator] and gave the money to charity. (Rolex's can't keep good time and cost too much to maintain given their lack of accuracy in my opinion.) I loved that G-Shock to put it mildly. Casio hit a home run as far as I was concerned. Best dang watch I ever owned. Period.

    I wore that yellow dude virtually every day until 5 weeks ago. I run every other day, schedule permitting, and use the watch to time myself. Anyway, I decided to replace old reliable with something new. The GD-350-1B won due to the vibe alarm and gold digits (easier for my getting-older-eyes to see). Now, 5 weeks and 17 runs later plus 9 flights where I attempted to time various activities in-flight, I'm going to tell anyone who will listen, DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH unless you want to keep it in a glass case for the girls to stare at.

    To point, and in comparison to the DW-6630;

    1. The GD-350's large buttons are VERY difficult to discern from the case when running or if one must start a timer/SW with very little forewarning. All 3 large rectangular and single round buttons lateral edge spacing from the case is not sufficient for a tactile discernment between the button and case, in short, it's h#ll to tell whether your pushing the case or the button when one is under duress.

    2. The tactile resistance, or 'push-back' of the button provides insufficient feed-back to allow one to detect that the button has been properly depressed to start/stop or change a function (in noisy environments or when running with an iPod one may not hear the tone).

    3. Each buttons 'resistance to engagement' (push-back) is insufficient to prevent accidentally depressing a second button when intentionally depressing another. For instance, when running, if I use the split timer, my thumb will almost always also depress the mode button, which seems to have priority, and the watch will leave the stop-watch function altogether. It requires breaking stride to look down and focus on the watch, which is a huge no-no for an old guy running cross country!!

    4. The current style of band causes the watch to constantly rotate outboard on my wrist.

    For 13 years +/-, I NEVER had these problems with 'ol yeller. This new [expletive deleted by moderator] as well as Casio, really ... me off.

    Cliffs: Buttons - SUCK, Button feel - SUCKS, Button arrangement - SUCKS, Band - SUCKS

    Lastly, I really do hate knocking a product that good people worked hard to produce. But how is a company to fix something if someone doesn't stop to give the product a thorough going over and then report. Come on Casio, your better than this.
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    Re: GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it

    Do you have a picture of said horrible watch?
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    I've given up trying to keep this list up to date since the last time it was current my collection has grown to almost 50 G-Shocks

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    Re: GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it

    I'm sorry the GD-350 didn't work for you.

    Since you truly hate it now, I'd recommend you sell it or give it away.
    Wearing a different G-SHOCK ​everyday.

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    Re: GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it

    I have one and can't say it's a terrible watch. Probably more accurate to say it simply doesn't suit your needs.... The GD-350 wouldn't be my go to watch for running. It's has a vibe alarm so my guess is that it was designed for casual use. Someone that needs a silent alarm for an office environment or someplace where a beeping alarm would be disruptive.

    For running and daily use, take a look at a basic GW-6900. It's a classic with truly modern features. Auto EL lighting so it lights up automatically when you flick your wrist. Atomic sync so it's always accurate. Great easy to push buttons with good tactile feedback and best of all, you can pick one up for $80 or so. I'd recommend staying away from the reverse display as well. If you want to quickly glance down at your watch while running, the last thing you want is a reverse display.
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    Re: GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it

    So far I had zero problems using the buttons without looking - there's those "bumpers" in the middle of the watch that pretty much let you feel exactly where the buttons are (the start/stop button is even easier to feel than the rest) - I also use those "bumpers" which are on almost every G-Shock to rest my index finger or thumb while pressing other buttons - depending on which side of the watch I press a button. I agree the buttons could have a better tactile feedback - I simply press them till they won't go in any further - seems to work . On my wrist the watch also doesn't move or rotate - and I'm not wearing it very tight at all. btw: we don't like to see "swear word abbreviations" on the forum - I'm gonna edit that...

    cheers, Sedi
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    Re: GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it

    I don't tend to run with G's. The Casio W-S-220 is a great running watch, as is the solar/atomic STW-1000. I also like many of the Timex Ironman models.

    For tracking runs and measuring speed and distance, the Garmin Forerunners are great.
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    Re: GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it

    I wholeheartedly agree with Gdan427 about the tactile response of the buttons, they are among the worst I had ever to deal with on a Casio. I also agree with Kronos, that G-Shock's in general are not the best solution for sports (running) watches. There are much better alternatives out there, one of my favorites within the Casio range is still the SGW-200, a great runners watch indeed.

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    Re: GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it

    I just picked one up for sports purposes (to time my swimming) and discreet use of the count-down timer in the sauna (I go once a week and was using an older GShock with a beep, annoying the other sauna guests) using the vibration alarm and I have absolutely no problems with working the buttons blind (don't wear glasses in the sauna, and I am blind without them...). I find the GD350 an outstanding combination of performance and price.
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    Re: GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it

    Point blank -- this is NOT A RUNNER'S WATCH. In fact, G-Shocks are not designed for running (meaning, accessing buttons and menus while rapidly moving about). There are more suitable alternatives.

    Yes, the tactile response of the buttons is not quite as good as on some other G-Shocks. However, if you are NOT running, you should not have any problem pressing them properly.

    The band has two wings on it, that help keep the watch centered on your wrist during normal usage. However, they are not adequate enough to do deal with a rapidly swinging arm motion, the kind that happens when you're running.

    CASIO makes a few different watches specifically for jogging, like the SGW-200. I use that one and find it more than adequate, easy to press the buttons without accidents (unintentional or missed).

    The GD-350 disappointed you so severely for not living up to your expectations of serving as a jogging watch, but as a pilot you should know quite well the merit of using the right tool for the right job. And infusing expletives throughout your content does not serve well for conveying a thoughtful, objective write-up.
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    Re: GD350 Review - in short, it's horrible and I'm sorry to have purchased it

    I have to disagree. I love this watch. I have worn it running multiple times. Buttons are big and easy to push. I have the 350-1b with negative display and can read it fine even in low light. The push light is super bright also. The only problem I had were the plastic wings. I have 7.5+ in wrist and the flaps basically made the watch sit higher. I think they would benefit a smaller wrist like 7in and down. They were comfortable though. Very easy to remove. However the screws will stick out a little when you put them back in. This is easily corrected with spare screws from just about any other model (I used ones that fit both 5600 and 8900). Overall, I love the added features. Vibe is great. Light can be set to stay on up to 5 seconds. And, the timer can be set to the second (hadn't seen this feature on any other of my G's).
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