Long term/extended review of the GDF-100-1A

Thread: Long term/extended review of the GDF-100-1A

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    Long term/extended review of the GDF-100-1A

    I've had this watch for months, and I've worn it nearly every single day. This watch is EXCELLENT and has held up extremely well. The only flaw on an otherwise spotless record is the altimeter. Great watch!

    Here's a list of the hardships it has survived.

    - Being soaked in gasoline *shudder*. Can't believe I allowed that to happen.

    - Getting Rustoleum all over it when painting my car.

    - Me throwing it at the ground as hard as I possibly could.

    - Hours of swimming in the ocean, hours of the hot tub, and hours of being in the bath, and hours in the pool.

    - Lot's of me accidentally smacking it on walls.

    It is no worse for the wear, except maybe a tiny bit of paint still on it

    The watch is very accurate. It goes above and beyond the +-15 seconds per month. I did a test one month, and it lost only 5 seconds. Oddly enough I have observed similar periods where it lost nothing, and recently it lost 5 seconds in roughly a week. So the accuracy jumps around,, but I get an average of +-5 seconds. It will vary with any watch, watches can be adjusted, and the accuracy will dwindle with the battery. Very accurate though.

    One feature I LOVE is that in every mode, bar none, the time is displayed in the top.

    The barometer is consistently on target. In a whole month it lost only 00.05 inHG, and recently it has remained spot on for a week. Highly accurate barometer.

    The world time mode is very useful if you are traveling, and it shows the home time in the top which is also very useful.

    Of course it has the standard stopwatch and timer, with a nice 5 alarms + SIG to top it off.

    The only spot on its record would be the altimeter. As long as the weather holds it is accurate within 20 feet, indeed if you go up an elevator which you know is 40 feet you can watch it climb 40 feet. Seems dead on? Well as soon as the weather changes it can easily be off hundreds of feet. I don't really see a cure for this except maybe a GPS, so I guess Casio can't be blamed at all.

    Excellent, excellent watch, also very economical at $72.

    I do have a question to ask of you guys. I think I'll have to replace the battery sooner than the 5 years advertised, because of my heavy usage of the alarm. Is it true that you can easily destroy watches that have sensors? I've done battery changes on G's before, no issues, but I heard that if you have a sensor it is very easy to destroy the watch. True? If so what precautions would I need to take?

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    Re: Long term/extended review of the GDF-100-1A

    Have had mine now for three days. Also, received a dw5600eg on the same day. The dw5600eg got sent back to seller today because, for me, the display was not clear and crisp. So far, the gdf100 is a keeper. The barometer seems pretty accurate, the display is crisp, the lighting is great, and overall I'm pleased with the whole package. Thanks for your review.

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