MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!
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Thread: MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!

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    MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!

    The latest MTG has caught criticism and admiration from all corners. I just got one and am really enjoying it.

    To start with it is built on the latest Aviators, the GW-A1000 and 1100. Going to get into details a little later, this will end up being a 2 or 3 part (4??) review/information base for this watch. First I'm going to start with Unpacking and opinion.

    Name:  MTG Outer Box.jpg
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    This is my first MT-G, and I have yet to have an MR-G. So very curious to differences in one of the "premium" lines vs G-Shocks and limited/grail G-Shocks. Outer box is nice.

    Inner box looks . . . similar. But with some other stuff. Also the front opening box is different.

    Name:  MTG Inner Box exposed 2.jpg
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    Let me separate the inner box.

    Name:  MTG Inner Box.jpg
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    Ahhh. Proceed.

    Name:  MTG Inner Sanctum.jpg
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    And the reason we're here. Notice black pillow vs. white. Red edging around inside of box. Minor but different. This is the full production version of this watch, so it is interesting to see any differences for the "upscale" G.

    Name:  4 misaligned screws.jpg
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    Ahhh, there we go. Notice the 4 screws around the face? Normally when they are decorative screws they are perfectly aligned. Because of the way this one is built, I am thinking they are functional. Here is a blow up diagram (thanks JarenCarter!)

    Name:  MTGS1000_metal_frame_sized.png
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    That top piece is machined from billet, while the case is resin. This is something that has been frowned a little on. To me, the watch embodies my two favorite families of G-Shocks: Gundams and Aviators! So I had rose-tinted lenses from the get go

    Name:  Rim Depth MTG 9 oclock.jpg
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    This is also my first watch with a Sapphire Glass. I was curious about how would they protect it. See the black ring with the city codes? The crystal is just under it. Here is a "flatter" view.

    Name:  Rim Depth MTG 11 oclock.jpg
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    Definitely not a fortress by any means, but a heck of a lot more than an Edifice! Speaking of which, one of my purposes for this watch was to replace said Edifice. But that is another story . . ..

    Name:  MTG Shock Resist.jpg
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    Love the detail and how the wording is engraved. See the knurling on the screws for the bracelet screws? It gets repeated in nice detail.

    Name:  Crown and buttons.jpg
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    And the left side

    Name:  left screw detail.jpg
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    At first I said the silver is the best appearing (to me) of the 3 versions. Now that I have it I can tell you that this watch reflects light like crazy! It is the bling-iest watch I have! I am beginning to think one of the black versions would help tone it down.

    The regular production black version comes out shortly

    Name:  mtgs1000bd-1a.jpg
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    And then the 30th Anniversary edition comes out

    Name:  mtgs1030bd-1a.jpg
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    But back to the one at hand as stock photos don't help anybody

    Name:  MTG Wrist Shot.jpg
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    And the side skinny box?

    Name:  MTG Side Box solo.jpg
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    Books, spare link, etc. (I have a 7.5" flat top wrist and had one link removed).

    Name:  MTG Side Box Contents.jpg
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    So, my first 48 hours with it. I like it a lot. It is actually a lower profile than the GW-A1000's! Part 2 will be comparison photos, I just ran out of time today and didn't want to put it off. I'll also update my impressions as this carries out. I'm glad the bracelet isn't just straight steel links (inners are resin and I will show that too) as this is a dense watch. The billet top piece feels/looks quality to me. I like the effect with the treatment on the knobs and buttons. A lot of details to soak in and I will share more as we go along. Part One: real life photos, check!
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    Re: MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!

    It's the very beautiful watch. I can claim that this MTG is the most beautiful G-Shock to date. Thanks for the pictures and review. Can't wait for more to come.

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    Re: MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!

    This is a seriously drool worthy piece!

    I think that this silver version looks the best. I have come to associate MTG with silver pieces.

    Is that a scratch on the lower lug? Looks like it is scratched on the pictures. What happened to it? Or is it just as it appears on the pictures?
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    Re: MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!

    Great review and a wonderful piece. With your wrist size, the size and weight should be prefect for you. congrats again, looking forward to the further part of your reviews.
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    Re: MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!

    Hi Chris,

    that's a nice looking MTG for sure, unfortunately the misalligned screws - functional or not - totally kills it for me. Not that I wanted or needed a MTG anyway but it is a shame that a nice time-piece is screwed up (pun intended) by such a small yet very annoying detail.

    Anyway, I'm happy if you are happy with the watch, enjoy and wear it in good health

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    Re: MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!

    Thank you GShockMe! And thank you for the suggestions, definitely gonna run with them.

    Thank you Joakim! The good news is that isn't a scratch. It wiped off (whew!). Having said that I definitely wear my watches and it may gain character marks as we go along. Still, I'm happy none were acquired that quickly.

    Thank you Cedric! Well your reviews have been enjoyable for me so I'm happy to share :beer:

    Thank you Holger! I'm gonna "pull a Kung Fusion" on it in part 3 so I'll align them to my preference then ;) . I don't think I'll take things as far as he did.

    sent with aloha
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    Re: MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisek View Post
    I'm gonna "pull a Kung Fusion" on it in part 3 so I'll align them to my preference then ;)

    What, in the name of the forum, is "pulling a Kung Fusion"???...without pullin' Kung Fusion, naturally :-D
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    Re: MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!

    Wow, looks awsome. I really like the black and silver looks.


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    Re: MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!

    Thanks for the review! This one is really starting to grow on me. I'm guessing it'll be too large for my 6.6" wrist, but I might still have to give it a go.
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    Re: MTG-S1000D, bringing the love!

    Wow Chris, fantastic review on a great looking G! The silver is really growing on me, getting harder and harder to resist.... can't wait for your next installment!
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