Quick GLX-5600-1 Review
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Thread: Quick GLX-5600-1 Review

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    Quick GLX-5600-1 Review

    I bought this watch only a day and some ago, but since I'm at the beach I've been using it nearly constantly. Serving me great. I suppose I'll post an update when I have a bit more experience with it.

    For photos head over to this thread. Don't forget to post your beach pics as well, looking forward to 'em. https://forums.watchuseek.com/f17/pos...re-915232.html

    First I'll start off with its looks. It is absolutely beautiful, in fact that is what made it stand out in the display case. Once I got my hands on it I liked it even better, the display case was a bit murky. Almost none of the pics I've seen it do it justice, it looks good but nowhere near as good as real life.

    The colors were picked perfectly by Casio. I love its silver/yellow(Okay, not really yellow, some kind of brightish silvery color, no idea how to describe it, more like silver-turquoise but not really blue. Sigh.)display edges. It meshes perfectly with the bluish tide chart and the little moon eye. The shiny resin also goes along exquisitely. One of the best looking G's I've seen, in my taste.

    The only thing I don't like about its aesthetics would be the slightly silly looking clasp. The little thing with the prong that sticks in the holes. I don't quite like its shape, but it is a minor gripe. I also like the pattern on the band. Finally I like the look of caseback. Like, like, like, nothing not to like


    Timekeeping mode:

    Perfect. Could not really be improved. I like how you can always see the tides and the moon. Perfect for the beach! I also like its use of a dash for separating the date over the dot used on some models, including the GDF-100 I own. I like the easy to read indicators for the Alarm/Sig/Snooze/Auto EL/Mute

    5/5 Nothing I see that could be improved or added.

    Tide Mode:

    Great! I like how you can advance the time and see the tides, very neat, not that I can see why they wouldn't include it. Works perfectly. Accurate too.


    Moon Mode:

    Love seeing the moon phrases, advancing the date and checking it. Pretty self explanatory really. Nothing wrong here


    Stopwatch Mode:

    Works good, splitting is good. Self explanatory, my only thing is that it was a bit weird were the seconds were, a bit different then my GDF, but no problem just took me a few times to get used to.5/5

    Timer mode:

    Not used this, I read it beeps a lot when counting down, which I wish was configurable. No rating since I've not used it.

    Alarm mode:

    Barely used it, seems great to me though. I haven't tried the snooze yet, though I read what it does 5/5

    World time:

    Perfect, nothing to be improved in my use. 5/5

    One gripe overall is that tide data isn't shown in all modes, only timekeeping and tide mode. The moon data is, however. Oh well, not a big deal in the slightest.

    I also enjoy that it is a square, and the way the tide scrolls when changing modes.

    Overall it is a totally excellent watch. Would definitely recommend.
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    Re: Quick GLX-5600-1 Review

    Oh, and I almost forgot. I tested the auto EL, and it works really well, but I'm OCD about battery power. Instantly turned that off.

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    Re: Quick GLX-5600-1 Review

    Yes it is a great watch - I have the white variant. Very clear display and super module. Problem for me is that with my 8 inch plus wrist, it is just too damn small looking, so I use it around the house only. I need a super size version, and no I'm not thinking of a King. I always feel g-lide models have less cache than standard 5600s and I don't know why.
    Thanks for the great review.
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