Review of 2011 I.C.E.R.C. Models: GW-6900K and GW-9201KJ
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Thread: Review of 2011 I.C.E.R.C. Models: GW-6900K and GW-9201KJ

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    Review of 2011 I.C.E.R.C. Models: GW-6900K and GW-9201KJ

    They arrived! Just in time for the holiday weekend. I was really looking forward to these models. At first, I wasn't sure if I would want the Riseman, but I'm glad I got it.

    First impressions: the boxes are standard for what Casio has been doing with the ICERC and Love the Sea and Earth series lately. Not too much to see there. I didn't open the paperwork yet.

    I knew pretty much what to expect with the 6900, but I was blown away by the colors of the Riseman, so I will talk about it first. In person, the colors are VERY bright, almost fluorescent. This watch instantly transported me back to the mid 80's--it has the most "retro" feel of any G-shock I've owned. It screams 1980's surf culture. Very fun colors. The digits are PURPLE, so this display is like a positive version of the Men In Dark Purple Riseman. The caseback is a dark purple, which matches the digits. The hardware and G button and part of the LCD are gold--also giving an 80's vibe.

    The backlight is the same as the pink Love the Sea and the Earth Riseman of 2010. I have shown pics next to the 2010 pink Riseman for comparison of the general design/look. They go well together.

    Backlight shot of this year's Riseman:

    Okay, on to the 6900. I generally don't care much for 6900's... I feel we see too much of them in general, but some models (like the Krink) and this one, I can't resist. This color scheme and design is VERY similar to the 2010 ICERC Gulfman, so I have shown pics next to that one as comparison. The G button is chrome with an image of the ICERC whale in white. The backlight is similar to the 2010 Gulfman. The band is a dark purple jelly (It appears as black or very dark navy when worn, but when held to bright light it is evident that it is a dark indigo/purple.) The whale image on the 6900 is smaller than the whale image on the 2010 Gulfman. I really liked the 2010 Gulfman, so I am glad they continued with this design theme. Would it be too early to hope for a Frogman with this color scheme in 2012?

    In the shot above, the 2010 Gulfman is on the left and the 2011 6900 is on the right

    Bands held up to a halogen lamp to show transparence

    Backlight shot of this year's 6900:

    One thing I do not like about the 6900 is that the keeper is the same color as the band. I really liked the contrast of the white keeper on the 2010 Gulfman, and I wish they continued with that design. On the other hand, white keepers get dirty fast, so having it dark blue is definitely more practical. The keeper is also jelly, which I like.
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    Re: Review of 2011 I.C.E.R.C. Models: GW-6900K and GW-9201KJ

    nice review with beautiful pix

    thanks, i enjoy it

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    Re: Review of 2011 I.C.E.R.C. Models: GW-6900K and GW-9201KJ

    Fabulous photos.
    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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    Re: Review of 2011 I.C.E.R.C. Models: GW-6900K and GW-9201KJ

    Those are very precious Gs. Congrats my friend, I.C.E.R.C models are really special models.

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    Re: Review of 2011 I.C.E.R.C. Models: GW-6900K and GW-9201KJ

    Hey great watches and great pics. Just wanna know what u paid for them and how did u get hold of them, i have been searhing everywhere but they are only sold on Japan .....


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