Review: The B in MTG-B1000
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Thread: Review: The B in MTG-B1000

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    Review: The B in MTG-B1000

    So I tried my hands at a review. Thank you all for reading!

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    The new MTG is a perfectly packaged powerhouse (try saying that five times fast), that follows Casio’s recent development with its Bluetooth abilities that, truth be told, is super-duper convenient. Despite the traditional, old-school WIS who sits in the back of my head, screaming “Fight The Machine” over the sound of Public Enemy.

    The Bluetooth is, however, only the icing on the cake; the cherry on top, or the cream on the mashed potatoes. Because really, this would have been an outstanding watch even if it only had the Multiband 6 (my personal, favorite feature), and even if its sizing would have been closer to the old S1000.

    Why? Well, first of all, just look at this d**n thing. With its outstanding finish, deep-set dial, vibrant sapphire crystal and the light that was mysteriously lacking in the S1000, it truly looks like the next step in the G-shock development. Casually luxurious, and easy-ish to use.
    Of course, the latter point is open for debate. Personally, I have a hard time using all the functionality of the analog Gs (comfortably, at least), and tend to use the digital models for timing and alarms. But this is also where the Bluetooth has the potential to shine, in this model, as one can actually use the G-shock app for setting the alarm and timer. Granted, this is not a feature I will use, and will probably keep up the habit of carrying my Marine White 5601 with me at all times, as an oh-so pretty timer that lets me keep track of workouts, pasta, and my aeropress. Yet it’s a nice thing to have, the ability to use, say, a timer via Bluetooth. In case I forget the square, I mean, or just want to impress my tech-savvy family (who usually think I’m somewhere north of 80-years old, having Quantum-Leaped into the body of a 26 year-old man).

    But even this quantum leaper has to admit that the Bluetooth is, in fact, kind of awesome, though the watch would (and does) work great even without this feature. Which is a good thing, for those instances when that old-school WIS is screaming “Smartwatch” at the top of his lungs, as it means that we are not talking about a Smartwatch here, but rather a watch that happens to be quite smart. I.e. it is still a watch, only now it carries some additional features (a good example of the difference between technology aiding human work, and replacing it).

    Ok, so let’s talk about the size, for a second, before wrapping this one up. It’s smaller than the S1000, that much is true, but how much difference are we talking about? Well, according to Casio, the S1000 is 58.6 X 53.5 X 15.5 mm, while the B1000 is 55.8 X51.7X 14.4mm. Which may not sound like a lot, but that does make a difference for its wearability. I.e. where the S1000 (shown below in its ion-plated version) may feel too large to wear with a shirt, the B1000 works well. Not I-will-wear-this-bad-boy-with-a-suit well, but still, the difference is definitely noticeable and appreciated. Especially for us with sub-7 wrists.

    So is it worth its current 800 USD price tag? Well, with its high finish (really, it’s marvelous) and great build-quality, and considering its place on the G-Shock range, it is not that much of a stretch. Really. It is, after all, as durable as it is beautiful (making for a perfect “synergy”, as college-me would have called it), and of a size that means it’s a totally legit for everyday wear. If we then add the comfortable, sturdy, urethane strap that allows it to fit and feel like a natural extension of ones wrist, the psychological edge of being absolutely badass and in line with its Metal-Twisted identity, and the fact that it features the brand-new “Core Guard Structure” and a “Carbon-fiber reinforced resin case” (Casio) (that apparently allowed for the thinner case), the result is obvious. This right here is a strong step forward for Casio, and a great way for us to experience what a G-Shock can be. Which means that I, for one, am absolutely stoked for what comes next.
    · Premier tech/construction (Tough Movement, Triple G Resist, Tough Solar etc.)
    · GREAT strap
    · New, smaller size
    · The undeniable “feeling”
    · The longevity of the Bluetooth technology may be in question.
    · Still rather large
    · An 800 $ G-shock

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    Re: Review: The B in MTG-B1000

    Great review, thank you so much!
    Have just ordered this in, cannot wait to get on wrist!

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    Re: Review: The B in MTG-B1000

    The B1000 is the better MTG
    Smaller and more readible
    For old guys like me
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