Sub-$50 Beater Watch. Casio MCW-100H
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Thread: Sub-$50 Beater Watch. Casio MCW-100H

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    Sub-$50 Beater Watch. Casio MCW-100H

    I am making this post to talk about a fantastic watch that I was able to pick up for just $40 and that has really been a fantastic beater watch. I am, of course, talking about Casio's MCW-100H.

    This was a watch that I found while looking at G-Shocks that were analog 100% and non-digital. I'm just not a digital watch type of guy. What I found was that all the G-Shocks that fit this description were waaaaaay out of my price range for a beater watch. I found mostly MTG and MRGs that were close to $1,500 and I was definitely not going to purchase a beater watch that was more exoensive than anything else in my collection. I kept digging and found nothing.

    A few days later, I was at my local Academy and saw it in a display box near the front. I asked the person working there to look at it and they pulled it out and handed it to me. I tried it on and really liked it. The classic G-Shock build quality was there, the chronograph I wanted in a beater watch was there, the robust Japanese quartz movement was there, but one thing was wrong about it; the chronograph-seconds hand was on a subdial, not at twelve o'clock.

    That, and seeing it at $60 in the box at Academy made me hold off for a minute ad check for some reviews and do a little more research on the specific model.

    After researching a little more, I was almost ready to make the big purchase. However, I couldn't find one online for a price I was willing to pay online. Then, on day, as I was walking through Wal-Mart, I saw one. I was very surprised that Wally World of all places had this watch in stock. I checked the price and at $40, I said "eh what the heck," and went for it. The big test of true quality was this: would it survive my 90 mile backpacking trek through Philmont Scout ranch in Cimarron New Mexico? And it passed with flying colors.

    I used the chronograph a few times on the trip, and the buttons were quite a bit better feeling than you would expect from a $40 watch. The chronograph is indeed a fly-back, which was another thing that surprised me about the watch. It all functioned very well when I needed it.

    One thing I must say about it though, if there is a bad thing to be said, is that the strap wasn't of the best quality, however it did mold to my wrist nicely over the trip, and became quite a bit more comfortable.

    All in all, this watch has been wonderful. I have abused it quite a bit and it has taken every punch like a champ. If you are looking for a beater watch that is extremely affordable I would definitely reccomend it.

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    Re: Sub-$50 Beater Watch. Casio MCW-100H

    Not bad for the price

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    Re: Sub-$50 Beater Watch. Casio MCW-100H

    How's the illumination on this one? Is it the single amber LED? A lume should would be cool!!

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    Re: Sub-$50 Beater Watch. Casio MCW-100H

    Lume isn't fantastic, as you can see. Just on the three hands, and leaves a tad to be desired, but for (now) $30 I think it's still a lot of watch for the money.

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    Re: Sub-$50 Beater Watch. Casio MCW-100H

    I don't think the luma is something THAT expensive ?
    Long time ago I've bought this watch
    It's cheaper than MCW but it has luma on hands and on marks ! This is....NORMAL as should be. Making only hands with luma (or like in some g-shock - only marks) is STUPID and embarrassing.
    I thougt this was a mistake or something. BUT NO! They still building some new models and those watches don't have correct luma !?

    Also Stop Watch. In this yellow one you have 12 hours stop watch ! In MCW barely 30 min. But there's worst. I've seen some timex watches with 30 min. stop watch BUT, when they reach 30 min. they STILL GO ON to next 30 min. etc. So you can actually measure a several hours but just remeber how many times it reach 30 min. (you can use rotatet bezel to set it on hour hand).

    Now MCW just...STOPS when it reach 30 min. :/

    This MCW is not that cheap to have such a disfunctions :/

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