Stowa Flieger T02 Impression
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Thread: Stowa Flieger T02 Impression

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    Stowa Flieger T02 Impression

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    The Stowa Flieger TO2 is a watch that I initially did not intend to get. One of the main reason behind that decision is the TO2 is essentially the same watch as the TO1. The main differences between the two are the case size, case material, and the external bezel. I did feel that getting the TO2 would be a bit repetitive. Having owned the TO1 since last year, it has become my daily watch. It works perfectly and has never let me down. Wearing it more and more has made me realized that I do need a more reasonably sized TO1 (or you can say it's just another excuse to buy another watch). The TO1 is by no means an unwearable watch. In fact, it certainly is one of the most comfortable watches that I have ever had. I declare it to be my favorite watch and it still is. The TO1 is just a tiny bit on the larger side for daily wear. The watch is also a pure tool watch, which might be more suitable for casual wear. I feel that the TO2 will be a good alternative and companion for its bigger brother. A watch I can wear daily and can be dress up or down when necessary (Dressing up the TO1 will be a bit awkward). Finally, decision was made and at the beginning of September I ordered one.

    Buying from Stowa is always a pleasure. Customer service is excellent. I also feel that I have become part of a big family, which is a feeling you don't get in most other watch companies. For the order of TO2 I kept everything simple. I opted for the standard white second hand, which IMO looks and works best with the rest of the dial. If you ask me would I choose another color for the second hand I would say probably. Maybe the limette but the white will always be my first choice. I also chose to have the date function for daily convenience. I selected rubber strap rather than the leather strap for the reason that the rubber strap fits the robust nature of TO2 better and if I ever need a leather strap I can simply buy aftermarket.

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    The watch arrived after just one week later, and I must say the TO2 is one amazing watch. The TO2 is described by Jörg Schauer as: "A reduction to a time display precisely as possible without any additional functions". The TO2 does exactly of what Mr. Schauer's design intends it to be. The readability of the watch is just beyond epic. In whatever angle or no matter how you read the dial, you can tell what time it is with ease. The dial is taken from the TO1 and only the essential indicators and indices purely for time telling are printed on it. There are absolutely no superfluous texts or indicators on the dial to distract the legibility. Even the Stowa logo is located neatly on the dial. The date function which I chose is located just above the 6 o'clock indicator and its size is just right. Most importantly, it does not eat away any indices, nor does it interferes with the time telling in any way.

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    The shape of the hands and second hand is inspired by the classic Flieger watches. The frames of the hands are well covered up with lume, which is not the same with the classic Fliegers. This new design sets apart the boundary of classical and contemporary design.

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    I am very impressed with the case. The diameter of the case is 43mm and lug-to-lug is about 51mm. The watch is a bit smaller than the TO1. For my 6.5" wrist the smaller size is more manageable. The lugs are long and curvy, which they are not only beautiful to look at, but they also enhances the wearability of the watch thanks to the curvy lugs help hugging the shape of the wrist better. I love long and curvy lugs and I am happy that TO2 has them. The finish of the case is also excellent. The brushed finish is beautifully executed, which is a standard of any Stowa or Schauer watches. You will also notice the thick bezel which the design helps to accommodate the extra thick sapphire crystal used with the TO2 for better water and shock resistance.

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    I must also mention the excellent crown, which is big enough for easy operation. Adjusting time is very easy. The first position is for winding. Second and third are for adjusting the date and time respectively. The crown is non-screw down, and it is a pull and push design. The TO2 basically has the same crown design taken from the rugged TO1 TESTAF and the robust design, though a non-screw down crown still warrants a 200m water resistance. I must say I have never been a fan of screw down crown. The crown of TO2 allows easier operation on a daily basis which I really like.

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    The TO2 is powered by a top grade ETA 2824-2 and the accuracy of the movement so far has been spot on. Being a new watch there will be a required time frame for it to settle down but I am pretty confident that it will keep perfect time.

    The caseback of the TO2 is also at the right thickness. Not too thick and not too thin. The good design helps to keep the watch perfectly balanced on the wrist.

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    As mentioned earlier, I opted for the rubber strap for this watch. The rubber strap looks great with the watch and it wears comfortable. Sizing it is super easy. I did cut most of the "links" in order it to fit my wrist. Keep in mind if cutting too much it would be impossible to turn back. At this point I have no intention to swap it with another strap. I bet the limette or orange Stowa rubber strap will look good with the TO2, but I will keep the serious and professional tool watch appearance for the TO2 for now.

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    All in all, the TO2 is a great watch. Perfect size. Readability is excellent in any situations, and the watch is very comfortable to wear.

    Last but not least, here is a wrist shot.

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    Re: Stowa Flieger T02 Impression

    That's a great clean looking dial. Thanks for sharing the pics and review!
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    Re: Stowa Flieger T02 Impression

    Thanks for the informative write up. Copied to our review section.
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    Re: Stowa Flieger T02 Impression

    Great looking watch. Love the flat black dial contrasted with the bright white hands and indices. The crown is a thing of beauty on its own, and the rubber strap fits this watch perfectly. Looks great on your wrist as well. Enjoy it!
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    Re: Stowa Flieger T02 Impression

    mpalmer: No problem. Happy that you enjoy reading my review.

    Mike: Thanks so much. Your review was my inspiration for getting the TO2.

    mreyman73: Thanks! The contrast of black dial with white hands and second hands makes this watch readable in any conditions. The crown is great and the rubber strap is a great match with the watch.

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