Aperture setting for watch photography

Thread: Aperture setting for watch photography

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    Aperture setting for watch photography

    Hi All

    I am looking to take photography of watches to the next level as such am in the market for a camera.

    Part of my decision process is based around aperture settings in manual mode. Does anyone know the best aperture setting (range) for watch photography? I have a small studio set up with lights and a diffuser box.



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    Re: Aperture setting for watch photography

    To me it would depend upon your sensor size, focal length and the distance between the camera and the watch. All of these variables, like aperture, will affect the depth of field. It depends upon the look you are going for and how much of the watch and background you want to be in focus and what you want to be softer or out of focus e.g. distracting items in the background.

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