For Arts Sake! A few pictures from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Thread: For Arts Sake! A few pictures from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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    For Arts Sake! A few pictures from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

    These pictures are from the Museum of Fine Arts in Montréal. I visited it twice last weekend and once yesterday, entrance is free of charge all Fall.

    I updated all the missing info and added a few more pictures.

    I couldn't take pictures at the Museum of Modern Art which I visited last Saturday ... but I am going back today, for only $10 you get free admission all year, plus they have better exhibits for my taste in art, I really love and appreciate contemporary Arts more.

    Hope you enjoy this little tour :smile:

    They have quite a lot of items on display but... There is no real coherence, no explanations on the paintings and exhibits - just where it is from who painted it, the tittle of the work if any and the period.

    Just a visual feast to end the week :biggrin:

    Richard Wilson
    Penegoes, Wales 1714-Llanberis 1782
    "The White Monk"
    About 1770

    Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
    Venice 1696 - Madrid 1770
    "Apelles Painting the Portrait of Campaspe"
    About 1725 - 1726

    According to the story in Pliny's "Natural History", Apelles, the most famous painter of Ancient Greece, fell in love with Campaspe, the favourite of Alexandre The Great, while painting her portrait. In homage, Alexandre gave Campaspe to the artist: During the renaissance, this story became an occasion for painters to praise the nobility of their art - and their patrons. Tiepolo depicts himself as Apelles, and his wife. Cecilia (Sister of the Venetian painters Gian Antonio and Francesco Guardi), as Campespe. Their servant, Ali watches from the far right. One of the two paintings in the background illustrates "Moses and the Brazen Serpent" the details Apelles is shown applying to the canvas has been selected with poignant wit.

    Octave Tasseart
    Paris 1800-1874
    "The Temptation of Saint Hilarion"
    About 1857

    This one is by William Bouguereau
    La Rochelle 1825
    "Crown of Flowers"

    Jacques Sablet Lejeune
    Morges, Switzerland 1749 - Paris 1803
    "Family Portrait in Front of a Harbour"

    Jusepe de Ribera
    Jativa, Spain 1588 - Naples 1652
    "St-Joseph" about 1635

    Jean-Joseph Taillason
    Bordeaux 1745 - Paris 1809
    "Saint Mary Madgdelene in the Desert"

    Jacob Van Ruisdel
    Haarlem 1628/29 - Haarlem 1682
    "The Bleaching Grounds near Haarlem"
    About 1670

    Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret
    Paris 1852 - Quincey 1929
    "The Pardon, Brittany"

    James Tissot
    Nantes 1836 - Buillon 1902

    Leonaert Bramer
    Delft 1596 - Delft 1674
    "Salomon Praying in the Temple"
    About 1645

    Pieter Van Mol
    Antwerp 1599 - Paris 1650
    "The Deposition"
    About 1630

    Alexandre Evariste Fragonard
    Grasse 1780 - Paris 1850
    "Francis I in Benvenuto Cellini's Studio" 1820-1830

    N.L. Peslier
    Active in Holland 1659-1661
    "Vanitas Still Life" 1660

    Francesco Guardi
    Venice 1712 - Venice 1793
    "Storm at Sea"

    Charles Meynier
    Paris 1768-1832
    "Milo of Croton, Attempting to test his strength is caught and devoured by a Lion" Allegory of Pride and Vanity

    Nicolas Andre Monsiau
    Paris 1754-1755 - Paris 1837
    "Ulysses, After returning to his palace and slaying Penelope's suitors, orders the women to remove the bodies." 1791

    Luigi Loir
    Gorit 1845 - Paris 1916
    "The Point-du-Jour at Auteuil: Dusk"

    Hiram Powers
    Woodstock, United-States 1805 - Florence 1873
    About 1873

    Francois Joseph Bosio
    Monaco 1769 - Paris 1845
    "The Nymph Salmacis"

    The masks traditionally made by the Yaka and their neighbours the zombo are highly ornamented, rich in bright colours and powerfully expressive. Each kind of mask had its own part to play: the primary function of the ndeemba ceremonial mask was to celebrate the newly acquired status of the initiates when they returned to their village.

    Figure: Nkisi
    Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eastern Kasai.
    Songye, 19th Century

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    Re: For Arts Sake! A few pictures from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

    Very nice Dude.
    The old stuff is still the best. I like to know what I'm looking at not have to guess.
    Thanks for sharing
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    Re: For Arts Sake! A few pictures from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

    Wonderful series Dude! I can't help but admire the ability to frame up such large images.
    Great work.

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    Re: For Arts Sake! A few pictures from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

    Wonderful Dude, thanks a lot for sharing...
    Kind Regards,

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    Re: For Arts Sake! A few pictures from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

    always amazed!

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