Ok, so along with being a noob to watches, I seem to be a camera noob too. I got my hands on a couple of cameras to try and take pictures of my first watch. Both cameras seem to have some sort of autofocus feature. After I zoom in or out to where the watch is in focus, it will "settle" or "refocus" a tiny tiny bit but it is just enough to blur the face of the watch on the digital screen. The cameras don't seem to recognize the watch even though it's pretty much the only thing on the screen. They seem to try and focus on anything but the watch. I've tried looking through the menu screens for different settings, but I don't even understand what a lot of the options are for. Is there anyway to turn this autofocus or autoadjust off that the cameras appear to be set to?

I know this is not a camera site, but I figure a lot of you have taken pics of their watches and might be able to offer some suggestions.

If the camera models are of any help, here they are. A Minolta Dimage Xi and an Olympus FE-115.