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    Camera Recommendations

    I want to buy a camera that is for general use and for photographing watches. Are there any specific point and shoot camera models that's particularly good at macro photography or are they mostly the same? And is it worth the extra money to go for the bridge cameras like the Canon Powershot G11?
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    Re: Camera Recommendations

    I can only say that my G6 Canon predecessor to G11 works for me. It does everything well, but I prefer to use on manual and stable tripod to get maximum depth of focus. Its autofocus is superb. Newer models than G6 may not have swiveling display panel which is a nice convenience for closeups. See my recent posting of results from it in this listing. As it has always been, preferences in equuipment and images, are very individually personal. How the light, natural or artificial, is used is most important. Example here is a difficult arrangement for focus but Canon G6 autofocus chose the right setting to make the whole thing sharp.
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    Re: Camera Recommendations

    they brought back the swivel display with the G11. I use a G9 for a lot of my macro stuff. Dont really need to upgrade to a G11 cause I got the g9, and a 5dmkii.

    All p&s's are not the same. I'm a canon fan personally just because i love their interface.

    If the swivel screen is not important to you, check out the s90 also. Pretty much the same guts as a G11, but extremely smaller and no swivel screen.

    Also, make sure you invest in a tripod. you'll definitely need one for macrowork.
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    Re: Camera Recommendations

    I have the G10, and I'm very happy with it.

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    Re: Camera Recommendations

    Hi -

    There are huge differences between all the cameras out there, especially in the macro area. Finding the right one is a matter of research and budget.

    The "bridge cameras" offer more manual controls, but they are handicapped with the fact that they also use very small sensors. You have to move to a significantly larger sensor before you see really big differences in image quality, and once you have worked with larger sensors, you generally never want to go back.

    You might want to consider a camera from the micro 4/3 system: the sensor is nine times the size of the smaller P&S sensors, but the cameras remain fairly small. Excellent optics - the 7-14 Panasonic super wide angle zoom is the only lens of any kind that one test site gave a perfect 10 to - that come at a price.

    It's always a question of budget and how much work you're willing to invest...

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    Re: Camera Recommendations

    I recently picked up a Panasonic DMC-LX3 as a backup to my Canon 40D. I expect to try it out w/ macro work on a watch or two this weekend. I'm quite pleased w/ its performance in other areas.
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