Dumb and likely irrelevant technical question, re: "Lasers"

Thread: Dumb and likely irrelevant technical question, re: "Lasers"

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    Dumb and likely irrelevant technical question, re: "Lasers"

    Say I have a device that emits a visible but very low-temperature focused beam of light. We'll call it a "laser" pointer. If I shine my "laser" at an active photo sensor (as in one that is in the process of capturing an image) what happens? (Either through a lens or directly into the camera body) Can a sensor be permanently damaged by "overloading" it?

    Can a photo sensor with no current going to it be damaged by excessive exposure to light, such as a "laser?"

    And, I guess kinda more relevant than my ponderings on "lasers," can a photo sensor act as its own shutter? Just turn it on and then off to capture an image? Or does the sensor have to "warm up" before it's ready to capture an image accurately? Cuz I was thinking it would be possible to have very high shutter speeds if there was no need for a physical shutter. A transistor can cycle way faster, right?

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    Re: Dumb and likely irrelevant technical question, re: "Lasers"

    Don't know about lasers. But don't the sensor need current/be active to pass on info? It's not a passive light sensor like oldskool lightmeters that will activate a needle.

    Some older/cheaper Nikons I believe D40 or D70 maybe even some Canons don't actually have a real physical shutter but an electronic shutter. The camera records a "screenshot" off the sensor. Faster shutterspeed is faster cutoff.

    The advantage of an elec shutter is the possibility of higher sync speed with flash. No need to wait for curtain or leafs to fully reveal sensor. But apparently it also introduces noise/heat/unwanted patterns in the final image due to the needed circuitry for an elec shutter.

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