GoPro as a watch shooter?

Thread: GoPro as a watch shooter?

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    GoPro as a watch shooter?

    So was considering buying a camera, but not really looking to spend too much money as I don't want to invest a ton of time or money into photography. Just want my watch pics to be better than smartphone quality. I've been using my Samsung Galaxy s8, which has a superb camera. But I've noticed that my friend's pics using a point and shoot(albeit a good one) were better than the ones I've taken. I do have a GoPro hero 5, but I can't seem to find many watch pics online with GoPro. Any experience with GoPro still watch pics?

    On one hand, I'd rather save money and use my GoPro if possible. But if people tell me the quality will be horrendous for whatever reason, I'll consider buying a nice point and shoot.
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    Re: GoPro as a watch shooter?

    buy a camera, any camera is better than a cell phone or a go pro for photos

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    Re: GoPro as a watch shooter?

    GoPro would be horrible because they’re not designed to do close up shots.
    If you can afford a watch worth photographing you can afford a camera that will do the job.
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