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    Got myself a new camera

    I wanted something smaller in addition to my D90, but didn`t want cut corners on the picture quality or adjustments.
    Bought the Canon G11 first, but while it`s probably a great camera the plasticy feel of it was just such a turnoff.
    Being a sucker for the Leica look, but lacking the cash to get one, the Olympus EP-1 (Pen) caught my eye.
    The micro four thirds is a really interesting innovation and I`m looking forward to getting to know more about it.
    The battery is still charging so no pictures with the camera yet, but I hope to take it for a testdrive this weekend.
    It really is a thing of beauty though, all the fine details in metal and leather just makes it a small work of art. No cheap plastic to ruin the sensation here.
    Anyone got one of these? Would love to hear your impressions on it.

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    Re: Got myself a new camera

    Beautiful camera - love the retro look.

    Great job by Olympus preserving the style elements - the original Olympus PEN film camera with half format framing became a classic.

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    Re: Got myself a new camera

    I'm saving and waiting for the prices to drop on the new E-P2. I like to have an EVF and I allready like the one on my GX200.

    One can say the Panasonic GF1 has an optional EVF but it lacks a dedicated exposure compensation button which I use quite often. I think the button layout is more intuitive on the Olympus digi Pen and will suite my usage.

    Congrats on the E-P1.

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    Re: Got myself a new camera

    The new 4/3rds... very nice!!!

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    Re: Got myself a new camera

    I think micro 4/3 has a long upside ahead of it, and the format seems to be gaining momentum. Saw these late last year at a BIC Camera.

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