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    The Great Ocean Road

    What a drive... WOW! All I can say is ... Wow, speechless, breathless... You drive 200 meters and you stop cause it is a great view which takes your breath away but the trouble is... 200 meters down the road the view gets better and then 200 more meters and it is even better...

    124 km today and it took 12 hours...

    Why did it take so long... well this is why

    This little guy was waving at us!


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    Re: The Great Ocean Road

    Hey Dude,
    Great set of images! Welcome to my back yard!
    The Great Ocean Road is amazing to drive and the story behind it is even more so. You may or may not know but that road was cut by hand just after WW1 by returned soldiers from the fighting in Europe and the Middle East. It was a project dedicated to the memory of the fallen. It was also a therapy session that went on for years and helped the disturbed and damaged war veterans re-adjust back to "normal" society in an era when mental health services were, shall we say, at a more primitive stage of development. It gave thousands something to connect with and a place where they could remain bonded and in touch with their comrades in arms gaining support and giving purpose to lives that had been so shattered on the battle fields of France and Germany. It is the most beautiful monument to the sacrifice of war that exists in the entire world as far as I know. Each kilometer was cut and blasted from the rock for the most part by hand which was what they were good at and knew with exquisite skill how to do. It was what kept them alive through that hell of Ypres, Ammens, Villers Bretonneaux and dozens of others. We give thanks as ANZAC Day, April 25 draws near.
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    Re: The Great Ocean Road

    Absolutely stunning pictures - thanks for sharing!

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