First off , i have two watches im curious about. I know A little bit about one and the other i've no idea about.'
One of these is a Seikosha artillery watch ( so I believe ) It's a 17jewl and has 2 opening covers in the back. 2 seperate latches i believe ones for a pic and other to protect the interior.
This watchs case is steel.

However the second watch , Was recieved from a japanese POW ( prisioner of war ) Some cigs and beer were traded for this watch. It has either blue diamonds , or sapphires in it. ( 6 )
Gold enlayed around them aswell.
Now , This watch i've never seen anything close to it befor , it has 6 chinese timezones on it , And one dial shows 10-20-30-40-50-60 now every other dial all 6 use romen numerals except this one dial.
this watch's case is also made out of silver.

if anyoen can tell em anything else about these two watches or where to look for this information i would greatly appreciate it.
For whatever reason i cant post pics that are on my computer but only from sites. Email me at [email protected] for pics also I am selling BOTH watches.