Hello everyone. I would like to make an introduction.

Thread: Hello everyone. I would like to make an introduction.

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    Hello everyone. I would like to make an introduction.

    I have been browsing this site off and on for a while and I finally decided to join. I am quite new to watches, but I really do get enjoyment out of wearing my watches. I prefer automatic watches, but I do have a quartz watch that I am quite fond of. I first got interested in watches when I started professional school. My girlfriend of 6 years told me that I would need a good watch as a professional. I thought it was quite strange. I always used my cell phone for time and never thought of wearing a watch. She gave me a British military-esq Seiko Chronograph and I have been interested in watches ever since. She has excellent taste. This was only a little over a year ago. I then soon realized how vast the watch enthusiasts are. I am a fountain pen user and it is the same with pens too.

    I then bought a Seiko 6105-8110 because I loved the assymetrical shape of the case. It has an original dial and hands, but an aftermarket bezel insert. It also has a nos waffle strap. I am planning on sending it to Jack at IWW for a complete resto in a few monthes. It is running quite fast.

    I also have a Seiko 6139 that is at the jeweller currently getting a case refinishing and a mechanism tune-up. It is all original, but I do not have the original bracelet. I would eventually like to find one of those.

    My most recent purchase was a lightly used Oris Altelier Chronograph. It is my first Swiss made watch and I love it. It has classic styling with a big case. I need quite a big watch as I have a 8 1/4 in wrist.

    As you can see, I enjoy many types of watches whether that be vintage or modern. I look forward to discussing all things watches on this forum.

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    Oris Artelier Chronograph
    Seiko 6105-8110 (diver)
    Seiko 6139-6002 (chronograph)
    Seiko titanium chronograph

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    Re: Hello everyone. I would like to make an introduction.

    Hi Ben,

    Welcome, you've got some nice watches! You should probably have posted this on the Public Forum. Or, maybe you did.
    Greetings from that Island they call Long!

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