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Thread: I Need A Camera.

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    Re: I Need A Camera.

    The s95 is quite capable...the photographer is questionable, LOL.


    Quote Originally Posted by GuySie View Post
    Hell, the G12 isn't just a 'fine' start, imho, it's an awesome start. It's one of those fallback compacts that people who are usually dSLR shooters like (the Canon S95 and the Panasonic LX5 being popular others).

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    Re: I Need A Camera.

    All good points. You should get a camera with Macro ability for sure. Look for something that allows a shallow depth of field.... Say f2.8 and shoot wide open. As for good light.. Free by the way... make a light box. Can be card board and an old sheet. Reduce glare etc.. A lot of good tips can be found by googling the word macro photos
    Learn from DP Review... lots of free and great advice. I had a Lumix Fz20 years ago, went to a photo shop where they had bins of macro lens for $5 each, and you could stack them. +1. -2, whatever.. Made a little stand from old piece of wood and used electrical clips to hold old negatives etc.. With a light box I was able to shoot anything close up. It can be done very cheaply and really good results too. Even an old camera say 5-10 years. Digital of course.... Macro lens work can be thrilling, more fun than you might expect.

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    Re: I Need A Camera.

    I'm a DSLR man myself, though my Nikon D70S is as vintage as my dad's 1980 Omega. Problem is DSLR systems lack integrated macro capability, which is essential for watch photography. You could buy a dedicated macro lens, but that'd set you back more than a top-flight compact system like the G12. Go G12, don't look back.
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