I need to vent!

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    I need to vent!

    Aaaaargh!! So I finally decided to take some pictures of my Sub LV this late afternoon. After "prepping" the shoot and adjusting the watch etc. I got started, Ooooh yeah baby. Got some nice shots there, I thought to myself, I`m on fire! I dance around the table with the remote release in one hand and a lamp in the other trying to get the perfect lighting. I even cracked a beer since I felt so pleased with myself and the setup. After a good hour and about 100 pictures later (hey, I was on a roll!) I was spent! This photography thing is exhausting!
    So I started to transfer the pictures to my trusted IBM. Things are all going smoothly and soon I will feast my eyes upon some of the greatest pictures ever taken of a Submariner LV. I can hardly wait! Ahh, all the pictures in place, now let`s have a look see. Hmm, first one was kinda dark and blurry, alright that`s ok it`s the first shot just need some adjustments, the next will be so much better. Hmm, overexposed and grainy, ah well theres still 98 to go. I look on thrue and they are all #"#!¤¤%¤&"!!! GRAINY!!!
    AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, I`ve taken all the pictures on iso1600!!
    Seriously! Man, I`m so p***** at myself right now
    Just needed to vent.


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    Re: I need to vent!

    haha, Don't feel bad I've done the same thing. It's even worse though when it's done on a regular digital camera as apposed to a Dslr type camera. Talk about grainy!
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    Re: I need to vent!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rambam View Post
    AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, I`ve taken all the pictures on iso1600!!

    Been there, but never with long shoots

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    Re: I need to vent!


    This is funny. I'm sure you'll get it right

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