I think I killed my luminous-ness

Thread: I think I killed my luminous-ness

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    I think I killed my luminous-ness

    I was working on this shot, trying to get these old hands and markers to glow a little and figured I'd try a burst of flash just before grabbing the exposure. After a couple of direct hits from my SB800, now the hands don't glow much , if at all. Is this possible? If so, others should be warned. I'm not really upset about it. There wasn't much luminous-ness left in this old watch to begin with. I like the shot, at least.
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    Re: I think I killed my luminous-ness

    Interesting. Sorry to hear about your lume, I have often wondered if there is only so much lume ability in lume. I sometimes hit my watch with the light from a surefire, which is plenty strong. I've not done it much and can't tell any difference. Something about the candle that burns twice as bright?
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