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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt2006 View Post
    Thanks! The Folger shot is actually a botched shot. What I was trying to get was a shot of him similar to the Pedrosa or Rossi shots, but as I was panning and took the pic he ended up behind some stand that the TV camera was sitting on (that's what the black bars obscuring parts of him/the bike are). I thought it looked cool too so I went ahead and kept it. I bet I wouldn't be able to reproduce that shot to save my life :)
    Ask any photographer and they'll say the same thing: the best photos are almost always accidents. For example:

    While driving in Northern California, my girlfriend was trying to shoot some landscape pics out the car window and just happened to get a huge redwood right by the roadside in the middle of one frame.

    And while visiting Stonehenge on the summer solstice last year (the only day you can get up close to the stones, well worth the trip), she was going for an arty shot of one the bigger stones and this guy poked his head round the corner.

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    Re: Indianaplis MotoGP pics

    Ha! Love the head-in-stonehenge shot!
    I took a street shot in Florence a few years ago, nice shot. I looked at it later when I got home and found that photo has a dude picking his nose on a balcony. Funny!
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