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    Jay bird

    Wife says - "Oh look at this" - I grab a camera (an old Canon D30) and rush to the kitchen (well, when I say rush, this is relative, bearing in mind my heart monitor and arthritis!!) switching the camera on as I run, screwing the 100-300 zoom to about mid way - and there's a Jay.
    Quite unusual for him to visit this early in the year - so I quickly take a snap through the double glazed window - had I tried to open it - he would have been long gone!
    Not a bad result considering. This was NOT this year, but it IS still one of my favourite photos and I'm glad I got it - because this year I would never have got to the dammed kitchen in time!!


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    Re: Jay bird

    That's a great shot JC, especially through a window! Great story too.

    I can relate. I was out walking with my 3 year old today. We climbed some steep sand and clay hills, and my bad (make that worse) knee was screaming at me.

    Wear what you like.

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