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    Looking for Help...Olym.E510

    Hoping someone can help me .... I shoot with the E510, have both lenses and a macro.

    I can't figure out what setting to use for shooting my daughter at dance recital...

    stage is lit, audience is dim, if not dark ..... sometimes I'm close and sometimes I'm far away..

    thanks folks..john

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    Re: Looking for Help...Olym.E510

    Hope this info reaches you in time.
    If the stage is properly lit then you should not have too much trouble registering anything on the sensor. Do watch out for burnt highlights if only a few spots are used to lit the main figures.

    If it is evenly lit but quite dark bump up the iso (800 or 1600) to get to around 1/125 or 1/250 if you're lucky to hopefully freeze some action. If you are close the 2.0 macro will give you little bit more light to focus and a stop or two faster shutterspeeds to cover the stage.

    When you are further back try to get closer (side isle) or brake out the kitzoom and aim for the key moments. If you've seen practice or your girl's runthrough at home you'll know what will happen and will get you the best moments. The kitzoom is slower in the aperture department so you'll probably get slower shutterspeeds so aim for the peak moments where movements tend to hang in time.

    1600 iso isn't that bad on the Oly. If the noise bothers you can always revert to B/W afterwards or use some antinoise software.

    One other thing. Moving targets, low light, wide aperture and autofocus is a tough situation. If you haven't got time to reframe after focus is locked try to focus on 1/3 (depth) of the stage and leave the focus on that spot with roughly 5.6 and 1/100. For this to work you'll need to be a fair distance from the stage in order for the DOF (depth of field) to carry the sharpness to the background. This so called hyperfocal plane will give you sharp images from the back of the stage to 1/3 from the front.

    The last part maybe is a bit too technical but I hope it is of some use.
    Good luck and looking forward to seeing some results.. Chip

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