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    Lume Shots: How To?

    Just scanned through this forum. lots of fantastic photos, watches and otherwise.

    I wa very impressed with some of the lume photos, one area that seems to illude me.

    It would be really nice if some of the real photo experts here weighed in on a "How to" tutorial on taking good high quality lume shots.

    Here for example is one I took last night, really not very good, even with the Canon 10D on a very sturdy Gitzo Tripod and using the self timer to eliminate shake.

    Is it possible that by not shutting the quartz watch off by pulling out the crown, it created enough "mini vibrations" to appear fuzzy? Exposure time was around 6 seconds. ASA 200, self timer. with all the proper things done,i.e Tripod, self timer, solid floor, watch on sturdy table, the photo should have been sharper than this. Canera is a Canon 10D w Canon 28/135 3.5-5.6 zoom w/image stabilizer.

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    Re: Lume Shots: How To?

    This is how I approach it. Do the initial setup shots in normal light in order to establish the correct aperture for the depth of field you want to achieve and to get the focus sharp. Then lock the focus to manual to prevent any hunting in the dark.
    I then charge up the lume with a flashlight, turn off all lights, and fire off a sequence of shots of say 1 sec, 5 sec, 15 sec and 30 sec. (I use tethered shooting straight to a laptop, which admitedly makes the process simpler). From reviewing that initial sequence, you can then fine tune your shot by selecting the closest exposure time to work around for the effect you're trying to achieve and fine tuning it a bit by playing with the shutter speed and iso.

    Edit: Just noticed you have a Chronosport UDT, one of the watches I'm trying to track down. Could you pm or mail me some pics and your impressions of yours?
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    Re: Lume Shots: How To?

    I'm not a pro at all but I love taking shots...
    Here is what in my opinion makes good lume shots:

    -ISO 100 with long exposition (7-10 sec.)
    -Focus before you shut the light off
    -Apperture of around f4 for smaller deep of field
    -Try different exposure time
    -Photoshop is your friend
    -A solid tripod
    -Patience... it can be long before you got what you want...
    -Shoot in RAW, work on your pics, resize, save = better image quality...
    -Like others said, use the self timer

    About your scan... I think you were out of the lens focus range (maybe too near)...
    A good way to correct this is by backing a bit (15") and after the shot is done,
    you crop your photo by post processing (Photoshop or the software you like...)

    I hope you understand my english...


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    Re: Lume Shots: How To?

    night mode on tripod with some light coming from another room. give some distance, like 2 feet and use the self timer.

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    Re: Lume Shots: How To?

    Hey guys. John Wilson.

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