Dear all,

We at Watchuseek have decided to hold a monthly contest for you photography enthusiasts. You don't need to be a pro, all you need to be is creative and original.

The contest is simple:
There will be a subject each month, like "shadows". What you need to do, is to take one picture related to the subject and add "time" to it. No matter what time it is, a watch, a clock, a pocket watch, anything goes, as long as "time" together with the related subject can be understood from your picture.

The rules are simple:
1. you are free to take as many pictures you like, BUT, you can only post ONE in every month's thread.
2. you may NOT add any text to the picture or to your post. Just your picture will (have to) do. This is to avoid the explanation of how you took the picture and your idea behind it. We'd like to view it open minded and interpret it ourselves.
3. NO discussions allowed in the threads.
4. NO political, sexual, violent content allowed. Our forum wide rules & guidelines apply for this contest as well.
5. Watchuseek's verdicts are final and we will not answer or discuss any email or PM regarding the contests.
FYI, we may alter the rules or add new ones. We will notify you when we do so.

The judging is simple:
At the end of each month the team and I will pick 3 to 5 best pictures and put them in a poll. You, the members will then pick the winner. The winner will receive a prize.

The receipt of your prize is simple:
It will be send out to you by priority (international) mail. Expect it to be a Watchuseek related collector's item

The start is simple:
We're about to start our first contest for the month of May. Sharpen your lenses, check your batteries, here we go ..... check the Photography Forum NOW!