My 1-1/2 in Shanghai (1)

Thread: My 1-1/2 in Shanghai (1)

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    My 1-1/2 day in Shanghai (1)

    After 3 hours delay for the original freight and another 2 hour jam on the road to try to get into the city during the weekend..I spent my first night in Shanghai PRC at this- the Shanghai Bund...then I would say, time not spent worthless at the end.

    A modern city can't live without LCD panels..

    and the Pigman..

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    Re: My 1-1/2 in Shanghai (1)

    Wonderful pictures..

    Always nice to see another part of our beautiful planet..
    Kind Regards,

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    Re: My 1-1/2 day in Shanghai (1)

    Very nice shots.... oh, those memories....

    -> 3 hours delay - did you fly with China Eastern?

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