My first attempt at a composited product shot

Thread: My first attempt at a composited product shot

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    My first attempt at a composited product shot

    I recently discovered that the secret to product photography is compositing. This is awesome because it means you need less lights lol.

    The two shots i took:

    And then some layer masking and voila:

    The 2nd image was my bottom layer, and the first image was my top layer, blending mode set to lighten. I put a clipping mask on that and drew in some highlights and the crown (which had better contrast in the first shot). I set the brush to low softness, low opacity, low flow so I could just sort of ease stuff in. The exposure difference between the two source shots is because I wasn't careful enough about keeping the flash a fixed distance from the subject. I was just going for left and right flash. This is my first try, and it was kinda fun, so I'll likely end up doing it again.

    I need a sturdier tripod, though. This one wobbled.

    Taken with my 20D and EF-S 55-250. ISO 100, 1/60, f/8.0. 550EX on cheap eBay radio trigger bounced off the ceiling for fill, 430EX slaved to 550 (I was super-stoked when I figured out you can do this) with a MacGuyver'd softbox for the left and right lighting.
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    Re: My first attempt at a composited product shot

    That's a great shot. I keep forgetting to blend my shots if there is too much and too little light, etc.

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