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    My Fish tank

    Its been up and running for a few months now and ive got it stocked as i like it so i thought id show it off :cool:, its only a small tank (28L) as i havent really got the room at the moment and its big enough for the tetras anyway. heres some shots
    Currently got 10 Black neons, 7 Neons, 4 Glowlights (1 died) 2 Marble sucking loach's and 2 Panda Catfish. i think i will get a couple more of the glowlights to make the group feel more secure but these should last me for a good few years


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    Re: My Fish tank

    That is beautiful.

    When I get rich I want a big salt water tank in the wall with live coral and tropical fish.
    Looking for a Benarus Megladon 500m. Also the Benarus Megladon 4 Titanium.
    PM me if you've got one for sale.

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    Re: My Fish tank

    Good photos of a neat tank. I would love a marine tank but wouldn't be able to find the time to look after it.
    Thanks for sharing

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