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    Confused Need Camera Help

    Some of you might remember me from over in the russian forum, but when it comes to cameras, I'm clueless. I have a few big projects coming up in school that I'm going to need a camera for, and I'd like to finally be able to post my watches on WUS. I've never owned a camera before, so I need some help.

    What resolution would I need to take a decent pic of a watch, and what are some good brands?

    I've been considering the Casio Exilim 7.2MP, but that's about all I have in mind. (I'm kind of partial to Casio electronic products)
    Thanks very much for any help!!:thanks

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    Re: Need Camera Help

    You need to think what do you value in a camera. Is it large/small, simple/complicated, cheap/expensive etc.? Think about them and you won't get an overflow of choosing from every single type of camera there is.

    Generally good and noted brands are for example Canon, Nikon and Olympus. They produce many types of cameras each.

    P.S. Resolution of a photo is highly dependent on lenses and the purpose of it's use but let's say 1600px (width) would be at least minimum. If making a quality print, much more pixels are needed.

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    Re: Need Camera Help


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    Re: Need Camera Help

    Answear this and I'll answear you:

    What are you going to photograph besides watches? Architecture, sports, wildlife, landscape, insects...?

    How big prints are you going to make?


    Will you be doing postprocessing in computer (e.g. Photoshop) or in camera?
    Compact or DSLR?

    Will you be shooting under low light conditions?


    PS: check out fore the best tests on digital cameras on the net.

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    Re: Need Camera Help

    Another good review site that I like is - (more direct link to the reviews - )

    I like how they have their sample photos set up and navigating the site is super easy.

    They also make searching easier and list the cameras they like the most out of each category -


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