Nikon's amazing 18-200 MM Lens

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    Nikon's amazing 18-200 MM Lens

    This has to be world's most amazing piece of photographic equipment. No it's not the absolute sharpest or lightest but when considering the range it covers, sharpness at all focal lengths and zoom levels and the price t0 build quality ratio it is a no brainer. I keep wondering why I waited so long.

    Here it is at 18MM, quick snapshot of my lawn

    At 200MM from the same distance, notice how sharpness does not suffer, no visible distortion. Detail is amazing, to et an idea of how far I am look at the flower bucket in the first pic.

    Parking lot at work at 18MM

    and zoomed in at 200mm

    All pics straight from the camera, no cropping or alterations made except a slight crop on the last image to better frame the plant.

    If anyone has a Nikon, get one now. If you are thinking of a Camera, get the Nikon D40X with this lens. You will not regret it.

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    Truly versatile

    Correct, a truly versatile zoom lens. I don't know if I would call it the "world's most amazing piece of photographic equipment" but it certainly is a great lens, sharp as well in good light stopped down it is even sharper.

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