Hey guys,

(Sorry if wrong section)

A friend of mine got selected to be sponsored by this marketing/branding company for photographers. She is on her way to become a wedding photographer and knowing how talented she is, I really hope she can win the contest.

Basically it's now down to last five and she is one of them. Whoever wins more votes wins the contest (I don't really understand why they do it but I just want to help her out in any way possible). I was thinking maybe some people might be nice enough to share a generosity here and I hope I'm not wrong.

so if you can contribute, I would truly appreciate it.

If she wins, I'll have her give WUS discount =)

you vote by leaving a short comment at the bottom of the page, it can be as short as "vote" and that's it. It takes less than 20sec.

here is the link

Thanks in advance!!!