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    Paradise on Earth

    Paradise on Earth is located 50 minutes away from Aix-en-Provence ... It is called Oraison on a small (big actually) property called "Le Bret" a special place where the sun shines a lot and where I just have spent 18 days - I am back in Paris until Tuesday... Then we are going back..! (Life is hard... specially that I now have a hernia... don't ask I have a medical appointment in the morning...)

    A few pictures

    The town of Oraison captured from the plateau - 5 km from the house (le bret)

    I had to climb a communication tower to get the shot, very very illegal

    You could have better views while playing petanque but I couldn't think how

    Our mini-bar while playing petanque

    Guarded... always well guarded...

    Specially on a full moon evening...

    The view from this place is wonderful

    Food is there for the picking

    By the pool side

    It is so nice we eat out every night... Outside that is

    At the high point we were 33 people at le Bret... That was for July 14th Weekend... Today when we left - only 6 people remained

    If and when we want some action all we have to do is go down to the village to see "Le tour de France" go by in about... 15 minutes...

    ...:eek: Yup that was pretty much it... 15 minutes from parking to where we can see them to back in the car... :rolleyes:

    Or we can go to les Gorges du Verdon for some water fun! Those images were captured with an Olympus P&S ...


    I am actually in this picture below... in mid air...

    Or drive to Aix en Provence for a lunch and dinner... if you must but really not required... trust me when I say Aix-en-Provence is way over rated (Albeit much less expensive than Paris...)


    Do we have too much fun?


    Oh darn it he had his eyes closed...

    Lets fix that... :wink:

    We dance and have a ball

    Did I mention the view is fantastic...?

    Aurevoir et a plus tard!

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    Re: Paradise on Earth

    Great photo's once again Patrick of what looks like a wonderful part of France. Sorry to hear about the hernia. The cause, climbing the tower or carrying the cases of wine? Hope it's sorted soon.
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    Re: Paradise on Earth

    Awesome shots!

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    Re: Paradise on Earth

    awesome shots man enjoy each time you post new pics

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    Wink Re: Paradise on Earth

    Hi Dude,

    Those are great shot's. Did you see the 2nd petanque guy. He is drinking my favorite "holiday in France" beer, Pelforth Brune.

    The Rabo cyclist in the Tour de France ahead of the peleton (at appox 12 minutes) is Koos Moerenhout. It's so long ago I saw the Tour, but I want to see it in the near future. The feast before the riders pass is often as amusing as the tour itself.


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