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    Paris Street Photography

    I am still working on my Paris pictures, I took so many and have so many keepers - thank God I shot in programmed mode otherwise I would have even more pictures to convert from RAW to JPEG... Needless to say I will not make that mistake again.

    Anywho lets start the ball rolling with my favourite street capture and go from there - One of those picture you think twice about taking, an English young lady who was visiting Paris with her Grand Mother who had a "malaise" in a cafe and couldn't speak French, had trouble asking if she could ride the Ambulance with her Grand Mother. The image was perfect I had to take it - I waited for what seemed like an eternity before taking it. I am glad I did, I hope her Grand Mother was all right and that she will have many more years with her.

    And now on to the next few pictures...

    It was like she was posing for me

    One of those fuzzy programmed mode pictures which actually turned out better than if I had the proper settings, I love how everything is fuzzy but the little girl.

    Just a cool strange picture in way


    And Velib Love

    Those bicycles are everywhere

    My significant other who was with me all the time

    And a few more street shots

    Why street photography is so challenging, often times there are things or people who get in the way of a potential good capture

    Some you can't frame right

    Some interesting ones without obstacles

    Nikon users


    What makes a city great are its people, according to some Parisiens, Paris would be better without the Parisiens... I beg to differ, Paris wouldn't be Paris without the Parisiens

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    Re: Paris Street Photography

    Ah Paris. As we say in Britain,"More totty than you can shake a stick at".
    Seriously Dude photo 1 is excellent. Button pressed exactly right. Her profile is superb you would think she had posed.
    Don't knock P mode the rest are great too.

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